April 21, 2006


Excerpts from Fox News:

ORANJESTAD, Aruba — Aruba's coast guard has temporarily halted the search for Natalee Holloway. The Aruban coast guard did not search Thursday for Natalee. Mariaine Croes, a spokeswoman for the Aruban prosecutor's office, said she could not say whether the search, which began last Sunday, would continue on Friday.

Authorities have arrested seven people in connection with Holloway's disappearance and then released them for lack of evidence. On Saturday, they arrested Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, 19, saying he was suspected of "criminal offenses that may be related to the disappearance" of Holloway, who was 18 when she vanished. Officials have not provided details about why van Cromvoirt was arrested.

John Q. Kelly, an attorney for the Holloway family, said he was told by an FBI agent that van Cromvoirt's name had come up earlier in the investigation. Kelly said he had no other information about the suspect.

Karin Janssen has told Kelly "they have sufficient evidence to hold him ... and they're continuing to interrogate him," Kelly said in a telephone interview from his New York office Thursday.

Van Cromvoirt's family has said he had nothing to do with Holloway's disappearance and is not connected with anyone previously detained in the investigation. A judge on Tuesday approved a prosecution request to hold Van Cromvoirt pending further investigation. He also was detained on suspicion of drug offenses.

Footage aired on a cable news network showed a handcuffed van Cromvoirt, wearing a black hooded sweat shirt and blue jeans, coming out of a police station on Thursday evening. When he saw the television camera, he pulled his sweat shirt over his face.

Both camps claim they do not know each other, but check out this photograph of Joran with his infamous K-Swiss shoes in the back of a truck on top of mats or boogie boards showing the logo of the company which Geoffrey worked for. I don't believe for one second that these boys didn't know each other considering the fact that his father had a company and live in a huge 'compound'. I'm sure Geoffrey has been to C&C's...and as we all know, Joran was a fixture at that dump.


Anonymous said...

The Red Sail is one of the ventures of the www.gonativearuba.com holding company who owns some stocks of the VCB Security Company, and Dompig is one of the board directors. Dompig has the partial authority signiture to renew few of the short term security and night watchman contracts like inspecting the watercrafts on the beach and check/lockdown the incinerators for unauthorized dumpings. Joran could have easy access to these watercrafts and the incineraters to conduct illegal activities. The Dutchies are covering for Joran because Joran has become an element of the Aruban Tourists Association System. Joran can get free hotel room for the night, VIP Pass to the casino and freebies at C&C. Figure that out, Joran is controlling the island.

Anonymous said...

Greta read a letter last night Karin Janssen wrote to the U.S. Justice Department in October.
She has no intention of solving the case.
She asked if Beth Twitty was related to hiter and if she took a trip to Austria. She also indicated she has no evidence.
A few other things.
The searches, the arrest of GVC is all for show.
I feel so sorry for Natalee's parents.

Anonymous said...

Early on it was said that there was an email or text message from Joran that said "something bad happened". Was that determined to be just rumor? I've heard nothing more of it.