April 21, 2006


See the comment from the previous post below.

Very telling and very interesting:

The Red Sail is one of the ventures of the www.gonativearuba.com holding company who owns some stocks of the VCB Security Company, and Dompig is one of the board directors.

Dompig has the partial authority signiture to renew few of the short term security and night watchman contracts like inspecting the watercrafts on the beach and check/lockdown the incinerators for unauthorized dumpings.

Joran could have easy access to these watercrafts and the incineraters to conduct illegal activities. The Dutchies are covering for Joran because Joran has become an element of the Aruban Tourists Association System.

Joran can get free hotel room for the night, VIP Pass to the casino and freebies at C&C. Figure that out, Joran is controlling the island.


Anonymous said...

Aruba is a long string of all the unthinkable evils. Spy cams on tourists, sex boats, rape drugs slipping, binge drinking 151 rum, cruelsome murders, burning or incinearting dead bodies. Dompig is a White Dutch, don't let his skin color deceive you, just look at his son's picture, you can tell he is Dutch white as said by Karin Jassen. As a matter of fact, Aruba is a well incest inbred and blend society. Their rules are bendable on situations even though there is no plea bargain in their Dutch legal system.

Anonymous said...

If you aint Dutch you aint much. Thats the law. Dompigs son just on TV interviews, says pretty incriminating things about GVC, the new suspect. Dompig's son will have to hide from GVC if GVC gets out or he'll be the next to disappear.