April 21, 2006


And the winner is....Taco Joe!!! Joe Has Just Won the Coveted Gold Star Trophy for the DUH Awards!

Reporter: So, Joe, how does it feel to hold that DUH trophy?

Joe: It feels great...I feel like I've made a difference. I'm glad to be recognized by the members of the DUH Board. This is an evening I'll never forget.

Reporter: So, what's next for you Joe?

Joe: I'm off to a DUH Award after-party at O.J.'s house...maybe catch some golf tomorrow. He beat me last time, I've got to even the score! (laughs, then snorts)

Joe Tacopina just said on FOX:

"Joran lied 3 times, his story never wavered."

Dictionary entry for Waver

  • To exhibit irresolution or indecision; vacillate: (“wavered over buying a house”). See Synonyms at hesitate.

  • To become unsteady or unsure; falter: ("His resolve began to waver.")

Looks like Joey needs to brush up on his vocabulary, or he is just a plain old idiot. What a joke. Maybe he doesn't know the definition of an "oxymoron" either.

Oh, how appropriate, 'moron'!

I just love it...maybe he should change careers and be a comedian because this man sure makes me laugh everytime opens his pie hole!


Zeek Lamay said...

Actually that's exactly what adolpho said. He said the media reports have mostly "all been wrong." Did you see Greta read the letter from KJ to the Justice Department? I was surprised. It's been blown up and caught on several websites. Karin said "there's NO evidence a crime was committed and NO suspected ever admitted to any sexual assault" That's a bombshell and flys in the face of everything Beth's been saying and I've been believing. What's going on? Joe T also said on Dayside that after the civil case is dismissed ( which he of course he says it will??)he's going to evaluate who said what and take legal action against certain people. That's not word for word, only the idea of what he said. Anybody else think this case is now going in a new direction and it's called defame and embarrass the Twitty/Holloway families??

dennisintn said...

did everyone see greta cut joe t.'s water off when he said jvds had never admitted anything sexual with natalee? greta told him real quick that she had been present when anita told her sordid story about jvds and natalee to beth.

Anonymous said...

I think the deadline for the Joe T. response is today, 4/21/05, 15 days past the last John Kelly's last reply. Joe's submital will be late unless the court can receive his paper filing by midnight tonight. I don't think Joe T. can make it on time. Since he will be late, the judge will take 10 points off from his evaluation by the court rules. Therefore Joe T. will be locked down, and the civil case against the Sloots will go forward. It will be a victory for the Twitty and Holloway families.

Sue said...

Did you see teh look on Joe face when Greta was reading apparent letter from Karin to State Dept..
Joe Said Joran never had intercourse with Natalee and Greta stopped him in his tracks and Said again (2nd tiem i have heard her say this) I sat across the table from Anita with Beth and listen to anita describe in full detail what Joran did with Natalee( Greta Said) He said NO intercourse (but) Greta said if she was so drunk then she couldnt consent ( Joe Backed up quick)

Anonymous said...

watch Joe Taco closely on TV. Seems he gets excited pretty easily, heart rate goes up way too fast, starts speaking real fast and stuttering. Maybe needs some valium, definitely needs to layoff the Grecian formula. Defite signs of high stress. Why all the stress if his client is squeaky clean ?