April 21, 2006


I'm so upset! I've got to call my lawyer

Have you been talking to Taco Joe, Gerold? All of a sudden your dear son, Michael, gets hit in the media and you threaten to sue. For what? Information that came from YOUR ISLAND via the Diario newspaper?!

Finding sonny boy’s picture is easily accessible from sites such as flicker.com and myspace.com, which shows that there is no cause for damages for sonny boy. He put his pictures on the web. They were not stolen nor were the pictures taken without his consent or permission. He put himself out there. In addition, other women that visited Aruba that put their own vacation pictures on the web and Michael was in a lot of different women's pictures.

I hope you have a lot of money…those attorneys are bloodsuckers.

Baseless Accusations Against and About Gerold Dompig Could End up in Court--Has Advised an Attorney

Bon Dia Aruba

ORANJESTAD – The case of the investigation on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway took various turns during the course of last year. Turns that sometimes had nothing to do with the case directly, but rather with the actors [principals?] involved in the investigation. One of the names that is constantly mentioned is that of Gerold Dompig and his tactics or according to some, lack of tactics as to how to deal with the investigation.

All the time the Commissioner has distanced himself from this due to how he is a person of high rank in the police force, it is logical that he has to carry a heavy load and put up with many things. But even this has limits.


Bon Dia Aruba got in contact with the Commissioner to hear his version about everything that has been talked about these last few days, to get his version of this whole matter. Mr. Dompig was a little hesitant, but indicated that it could be good to set everything straight, to avoid that this situation becomes worse than it already is.


Dompig indicated that one has to stop insinuating things that are not true. If any person has any information that he believes is not right, he has to take the legal steps for an investigation to take place and not bring in people’s names in newspapers as they see fit, because this causes harm to the family unnecessarily. Particularly, Dutch newspapers are putting forth accusations and insinuations that could have easily have been verified with all the means the Dutch newspapers have in their power.


The fact that now they’re using the name of his son, and have linked him to the arrest of the most recent detainee in the case, has also been very difficult for the Commissioner. It is true that Dompig’s son worked in the Visibility Team with the detainee, but this does not necessarily mean that they are friends. To use his son’s name and link them together and put the Commissioner’s credibility in play, is going too far.


A very important point is that Commissioner Dompig is clear about stopping the matter of bringing in his name, and has put this in his lawyer’s hands. As of yesterday, everything published about him that is not true and has no basis, will be observed and noted to possibly fight this in a legal way in court. Everything has a limit, and this is where he has reached his limit.


His strong message is that if a person has thoughts of using his name, criticize his tactics, then make sure that they have a basis, otherwise another guy will sing. The fact that he went on television and stated certain things, was done with the approval of authorities. Everything that was presented on television, he has a way to defend himself in front of his superiors if he has to justify his presentation. And if there are people who want to criticize, they can but in the right way, approaching the Public Prosecutor and not baseless attacks in the media.


He is aware that many people do not like his way of working, and he respects this. But the fact remains that he is a police authority, one of the 4 Commissioners who have their responsibilities to bear. “You may not like him, but you respect him”, Dompig continued to say. And by criticizing his function and his name, you are criticizing Aruba, given that Aruba gets a bad name abroad when this happens. Let the investigation run its course and when it is closed, you will see what comes out. Police many times use tactics that are not known by civilians. As such, many times it is difficult to understand certain steps and it is easy to criticize without any basis.

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Dan in Tx said...

I should point out that of the newspapers and media outlets in Aruba, Bon Dia is the LEAST impartial...they routinely kiss ALE's and the government's ass (as opposed to Diario that is definitely anti-government but still more impartial than Bon Dia). Just look at the way they have presented each and every turn in this travesty of justice in the past.

I actually have a little story to tell on Bon Dia, Michelle- a story a little Aruba birdie on my team told me: Bon Dia gets 'favors' from the government to be the official unofficial government newspaper. Now who in the Aruban government would be the most interested in making sure their investigators and polis are protected? Marianne and Rudy?

Anonymous said...

The timeshares currently are dumped out or given to charities in hordes by the owners. The high
gas prices, rising mortgage rates, increasing property taxes and expensive insurance coverages,
plus the bad names of Aruba all make the timeshares worthless. No tourists are coming to the island and people are out of jobs and out of food. The electricity company in Aruba threatened to shut down the turbine if they don't get the subsidy of money from the Aruban government, many low income
residences are behind or not paying their energy bills. Domig will be the first one to be fired,
because he had caused all these civil disturbances.

Anonymous said...

Well commissioner Dompig,I don't like you nor do I respect you...I don't like or respect your investigated skills as well...I see you state that your interviews were approved by the higher powers on your island...I don't like or respect them either...You may ask Why?? The list is to long to publish here..To the people who have been following this case the glaring errors literally jump out at us...We are just dumbfounded by ALE actions or Non-Actions...We feel motivated to do something about this situation...We want to bring a bright and all encompassing light on this young ladys disappearance...We want other young ladies to be safe when they go on a vacation...We want them to come home,safe an sound and to have a full lifespan...Mr.Dompig, you deserve criticism...you have earned it by your own actions...Any great leader LEARNS from his mistakes and welcomes criticism[positive or negative] You are in charge and all mistakes come back to you...remember the buck stops here with you...If you start a series of law suits you will be opening a very nasty can of worms and god only knows where it might go!!

BUSTER said...

Dumb pig!you fat bag of dognuts!
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Dan in Tx said...

Michelle, I have it all figured out. I am going to make a prediction here- and keep in mind that this is based on one assumption: based on their past abysmal performance, ALE has absolutely NO interest in solving Natalee's disappearance and will do EVERYTHING possible to make this go away.

Everyone agrees that von Cromvoit has been arrested because of what he may know and not any involvement in Natalee's disappearance- FBI analysts, Uncle Jossy, Beth and Dave, Art Woods, etc. The claim is that this kid doesn't know Joran- though on an island as small as Aruba and given the way the Dutch elitists stick together I have my doubts. Either way it works in my prediction.

Von Cromvboit is arrested for what he knows, and what do you know it turns out he's buddies with Michael Dompig (Gerold's son) and Steve Croes (we all remember that scumbag don't we). Suddenly there is new grounds for Joran to be released as a suspect, and if that happens then that may help him in a civil suit in the U.S. (though I doubt the cowards will even show up and Beth will win by default). It will definitely help them win the suit against the government- and that one is on hold pending the criminal investigation. Only in a totally screwed-up legal system like the Netherlands would a civil suit take precedence over a criminal investigation!

So now Joran is off the hook, this other lily-white rich Dutch kid is free to go having told ALE all he knows, and who are we left with as suspects? Four non-Dutch who may or may not be involved (we're still watching you Stevie). ALE has drawn this out, wasted time, and stalled for a year- you can bet they can stall for a year more until the case is closed. If these dark predictions are true, then remember one thing, Aruba: when the full wrath of the U.S. falls on you for biting the hand that feeds you, the ALE and the MEP and the Dutch snobs who control Aruba are wholly to blame.

Anonymous said...

Respect his work? please! If this case were to run its course the way he says, It would just fade away never to be solved or mentioned again. Yes, we know about the tactics the police in aruba use. they are so secret that even they don't know what they are. Their tactics are to spin spin spin against the victim never, never try to find the perp.