April 21, 2006


"Make it look like we are really trying to find Natalee, ok? Even though we've already searched that area. Make something up. I don't care...just set up another PR meeting. Continuing our PR mission is the only way to get rid of this mess!"

(CBS/AP) The search for Natalee Holloway the Alabama teen who disappeared during a high school graduation trip to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, is continuing, nearly a year after her disappearance. A team of several boats from Aruba's coast guard was planning to use sonar equipment Friday and focusing on the area off the shore of the hotel where Holloway stayed, at the northern end of the island.

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Anonymous said...

They are covering up for Joran. Joran incinerated Natalee's body because he hated Natalee and made sure he done it himself to have this "No Body, No Case" arrogance. GVC helped him get through the gatekeeper with the VCB fire truck carrying Natalee's body inside the water tank, and the guard would not be able to detect the conspiracy. Then Joran crawled into the incinerator and pulled Natalee's body in place for the fire jet consumption. His shoes were soaked with Natalee's blood and ashes inside the oven heat shield bricks. Joran was so cruel that he dismembered Natalee in five pieces to accelerate the incineration. This is the most hideous and evil criminal act in the world for a 17 year old Dutch boy who said he never harmed Natalee. And he did, he murdered her after gangraped her when she tried to run for her life from his house. The beach story is a lie and a joke.

Anonymous said...

There is a great possibility of Natalee's body not in the ocean or landfill. More searches in the ocean is just fiction and PR.
It is hard to imagine the remaining rumors are all pointing to the incinerators in St. Nicolas field where GVC, Joran and Koen once played soccers in the refinary parking lot. Joran and GVC are very familiar with the area which have many crack houses. According to our sources, the fire truck is also used to transport the narcotics. The Dutch controlled ALE has just seized the fire truck from VCB and that's why Dompig is so upset for he is helping his son in his illegal activities. Dompig is a part of great coverup machine. The Dutch Royal Police is very active in making more arrests including Dompig and his son that we know of. It seems to be the beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch Navy is under pressure to continue the search because the Queen is a white blonde look alike Natalee. Most Dutchies have black hair like Papa Paulus and Baby Joran. Even Dompig's wife is a Russian Blonde mail order bride coming from the Holland red light district. Paulus lusted after the young blonde girls from Mountain Brook and Joran delivered Natalee to him as the summer gift. Natalee is a virgin and is not a brothel product. Paulus is the coowner of the Lion’s Den, and he shared Natalee with Dompig there that night.

Shanda Welcher said...

Anybody else anxious to watch Anita Van der Sloots interview with Kimberly Guilfoyle tonight on the Line up? Probably won't reveal anything new, the interview was set up by Joe Tacopina, so I'm sure there are certain conditions attached. They showed little blurbs of it today. Looks like kim is reevaluating her position on Joran. Greta changed her mind about him and what if Kim does too? Think this will hurt Beth? Gonna be a long night for the Holloways tonight.

Anonymous said...

I hear Joe T is going to sue you, Michelle.

You better take this site down.

Anonymous said...

http://joranvandersloot.blogspot.com/ says the following, "Courtroom Showdown. John Q. Kelly, who just returned from Aruba, spoke to Greta about the latest in the civil suit case. Kelly is expected to file their opposition of the dismissal filed by Joe Tacopina within 30 days. Tacopina will then respond to that in 10 days paving way for the courtroom showdown set
for May 17th 2006."
http://www.courts.state.ny.us/courts/nyc/supreme/index.shtm also says the following, "
(f) Preliminary Conference.
(1) In all actions or proceedings to which this section of the rules is applicable, a preliminary conference shall be ordered by the court to be held within 45 days after the action has been assigned. Such order shall set the time and date for the conference and shall specify the papers that shall be exchanged between the parties. These papers must be exchanged no later than 10 days prior to the preliminary conference, unless the court directs otherwise. These papers shall include:"

Obviously, Joe Tacopina either is late or has forgot to file his reply to John Q. Kelly's rebuttal on 4/11/06. And now the civil suit proceding is in default to uphold the jurisdiction on Joran and Paulus van der Sloot. Natalee has the victory! The civil suit will move forward by the rules of the court.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1. 2. 3. very interesting comments.
shanda, Anita is a drama queen.:)

I don't think Michelle's worried about being sued. lolol!

I'm not worried about being sued either. Tacopina is nothing but a bully. He just doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. He's going to have to find out the hard way. Tacopina has no honor and integrity. He's teaming up with the hate group..the refugeez on the web. This is a battle between good and evil. Evil can't win as long as good people fight it. I'm fighting the evil for Natalee, her family, and everyone else who cares about what happened to her.

Take notice Arubans and Dutch. You will be forever tainted by the blood of Natalee Ann Holloway. Forever, unless you tell us all where she is and what happened to her. There are forces out there stronger than any evil you can put forth. Mark my words. All of you will pay. Natalee will be avenged.

cenote530 said...

That she it will..make no mistake, like a thief in the night it will come crashing in, it's just a question of when.
Send Natalee home to rest in peace for eternity and free your souls as well. Its been almost a year.