April 24, 2006


(National) April 24, 2006 - The latest suspect in the Natalee Holloway case has been released. Geoffrey Von Cromvoirt, previously known only by his initials GVC, was released from police custody Monday.

Von Cromvoirt was picked up a little more than a week ago in connection with the disappearance of the Alabama teen. Police say the grounds for his detention are no longer there, but he remains a suspect.


nutcracka said...

BIG shocker, huh? This just out right sucks ...dead end again???

Anonymous said...

Not a bit shocking. It's apparent that Aruba/Dutch aren't going to do the right thing. They will be judged by it from a higher power than any of us can muster. God with deal with them. On that, I have no doubt.

Never forget Natalee Ann Holloway.**==

Anonymous said...

Suspect my ass! The dude no doubt knows virtually everything that J2K did to/with Natalee. For that alone, he should rot in jail. He did alot of talking prior to his detainment (reasoning for his detainment becomes apparent).. to shut him up/// not to get him talking. Waxing his ass like the C&C bartender in the cave would have led to mutiny in the PVDS/ALE/Shitty dutch camp.