April 18, 2006


Hat Tip: Tom from SM and CM

"We have looked over the pictures from ISA and it is my impression that the photos are of this years seniors of International School of Aruba, all images from 2004-5 were removed very recently... all of the pictures from prior years have been removed from the site. It is as if the school did not exist before this year...hmmm."

Hat Tip: CM
  • Geraldo says GVC has been bragging that he’s knows who did it for months. GVC was on duty the night Natalee disappeared, has been bragging for months that he knows what really happened to Natalee. One of tips received after reenactment show was about GVC bragging, led to arrest.

  • Geraldo and Bill O'Reilly don’t believe Joran doesn’t know GVC. Geraldo said the kid was working that night with the beach patrol and that he has been bragging for months that he knew what really happened that night.


Anonymous said...

This is a very serious coverup for Joran and GVC and many others involved, including the school officials and probably the Aruban government workers as well. The new school site was next to the oil refinery. The construction company leased their huge incinerators to burn off the trash. There is a big fear that the worst of what happened to Natalee could have happened nearby. Some people had the security clearance to drive through the gate with their dump truck.

Anonymous said...

You know Michelle, TES mentioned they were going back to do the water search that they planned months ago and now they have this Geo guy in custody. It looks like more spin to me or maybe Geo will be another scapegoat. I'm not jumping to any conclusions on him, because by now anyone with half a brain knows that things are not what they seem on One Happy Lieland.