May 20, 2006


Whoever wrote this should keep on with their papiamento...don't try's not working for you.

I realize that the Aruban people aren't at fault, but what about those Arubans who know what happened to Natalee and aren't coming forward? You should be mad at your country, not us. Are you afraid of your government? In America, we aren't.

An Aruban's point of view....

Things that never took place on this island is now talking place so believe me, it wont suprise me anymore but if it is true that they kidnap young girls and put them into sex slavery then how come we don’t have any missing young girls on this island before Natalee? And also, we have lot’s of white girls with blond hairs and blue eyes on this island too. How come they are not being kidnap? Why only Natalee? Again, i am not saying that it is not possible but it is strange.

In San Nicolas we have lot’s of Colombian and Dominican women working as prostitutes and they are brought here in Aruba by their own fellow country men that lied to them that they can work here and make alot of money here in Aruba and can have a better life here then where they come from. And when they are brought here and when they see what they will have to do for a living but then realize that it is too late to go back.

Many Arubans talk bad about Colombian and Dominican. They blame us for changing our island. Most of the crime here are committed by non Aruban people so I do understand why most of my fellow Arubans want the foreigners to go away from this island.

Why is OUR duty to help your corrupt country???

I think you should help them instead of blaming them for everything. Help them integrate so they can find a job and not go around and rob people. (So you are saying that most Arubans who don't make a good living are all robbers?) The older ones living here on this island are being seen as Arubans. They are well integrated into our society but the new ones that came to our island has changed our island.

They refuse to speak papiamento and they only want to speak spanish and do want to integrate. The bad ones are ruin it for the good ones that lived here their entire life and see themselves more like Arubans who love this island but never forget where they came from.

Sounds like a message from Pres. Bush!

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Anonymous said...

Breathtaking commentary! :-)

I would like to stab at the question of why other blonde/blue eyed girls/woman aren't disappearing in Aruba question though!

It's because Dilbert van der Nugget is in Arnhem currently attending college! Thank you, I will be here all week, don't forget to try the veal!

Keep up the good work, Michelle!