May 17, 2006


Why is the civil case being tried in a New York court? That is what the defense posed today before the judge who asked why the whole thing should be thrown out?

Holloway’s parents are suing Joran van der Sloot and his father. Joran was among the last people to see Holloway before she went missing almost a year ago. The lawsuit claimed that Joran van der Sloot kidnapped and hurt her, and that his father helped him cover it up.

Trace Gallagher, Fox Reporter:

The only reason why we are arguing this case here is because a couple of months ago, Joran and his father came to New York to do one of the morning shows in New York and the Holloway camp snuck up on them and served them both with summons.

Well now, the Van der Sloot attorney, Joe Tacopina says this case is impossible to defend here for several reasons: One, because it didn’t happen here, and two, Aruban law would have to apply and you have all these translation issues; and most importantly he said New York has no subpoena power in Aruba, and therefore you cannot compel witnesses to testify.

The Holloway attorneys firing back saying New York signed onto the Hague Convention, that way they do have subpoena power. And they say this is nothing more than a simple sexual assault case…it’s the best way for Natalee’s family they say to achieve justice.

Van der Sloot’s lawyer says they are willing to fight—in Aruba.

Joe Tacopina:

“If they were ready to serve us papers today to move the case to Aruba, we gladly accept on behalf of our clients. They are not afraid of the facts of the litigation. They just want a fair shot at defending the case.”

Trace Gallagher:

The suit alleges that Joran sexually assaulted Natalee Holloway and then held her against her will. And that his father turned a blind eye to his son’s often violent behavior.
As for the Judge, she took all this information of 45 minutes or arguing under advisement.

A decision could come any day.


Anonymous said...

The Judge's decison today is of wisdom. She let the Hague Convention protocol speaks for itself. Hague Convention has very little allowance of Forum Non Conveniens for any Nazi suspects. The Judges at the Hague Convention World Court have the absolute subpena power to call for any Nazi suspects anywhere in the world for the war crimes trials. This civil trial is directly putting the spotlight on Holland. Will Holland comply with the Hague Convention to hand over the suspects like Joran and Paulus for the NYC civil case trial. The whole world is watching on this landmark case decison. If not, Hollnad is implicating itself as supporting the Nazi suspects. Please read the Hague Convention and the Nazi trials on Google/Yahoo search engines, you will agree the Judge who has a lot of common sense. Also, the advisement is a total separate process, and it can goes parallel with the trial proceedings. The court decison annouced today means the the civil lawsuit can begin and call witnesses by the plaintiff. The discoveries will be observed by the advisement panel under the Hague Convention protocol. The Judge will make a decison on the Forum Non Conveniens when the advisement panel returns their affidavit. There is no time limit for the affidavit submital.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Van der Sloots want the case tried in Aruba. The government is willing to anything to protect them. The Holloways would never get a fair trial. We all see how corrupt Aruba has been during this investigation.

Anonymous said...

From the World Journier site:
May 29, 2005
5:15 PM (?) = Current Suspect P. SLOOT, supposedly, flies into ARUBA after, supposedly, being on a HOLLAND trip, supposedly, related to his judge-in-training apprenticeship. (his “judge-in-training” has been revoked and he was so notified; Current Suspect P. SLOOT was never a judge. Current Suspect P. SLOOT failed his first judgeship exam, and has been so notified of his failure by DUTCH judicial authorities possible island expulsion in future)(is he temporarily suspended or permanently terminated? Has his/the familys passports been confiscated?) ((his wife, apparently, either still thinks he is a judge-in-training because Current Suspect P. SLOOT never told her he was fired (and has been lying to his wife), or, she is deliberately lying and wants everyone to think he still is a judge--because she constantly refers to him as a “judge”.

Anonymous said...

On 7-1 “Hasibokos” reported, “In March 2004 Paulus van der Sloot traveled to Holland for a year and when he returned to Aruba in March 2005 he did not receive the required recommendation to become a Judge. The results of his training in Holland were not sufficient to become a Judge, and he was notified by the President of the Common Court of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba that he cannot function as a judge and has to look for another function.”