May 17, 2006


If you are innocent Joran, show US that you are innocent.

Joran, if you are "stone cold innocent" (maybe you should hire Mark Geragos...a real scumbag like you.) then why not take a lie detector test by an independant party who knows nothing about the case.

Lie detector results aren't admissible anyway...but at least show the public you are not lying!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Let him take a lie detector test. It would help people believe he was innocent. But we all know why he won't take one. Just remeber, innocent people have nothing to hide. Also why hasn't one of the cable shows done a voice stress test on one of Joran's interviews? To see if he was lying? Our gov't and military use them to tell deception.

Anonymous said...

Not sure a lie detector test would prove anything. Sociopaths can easily pass a lie detector test. I guess the main thing it would make everyone else feel better knowing that he had regardless the outcome.