May 18, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

I just watched both Beth and Dave on Greta's show and watching their faces was absolutely heart-breaking. The weariness, the pain and the sadness were almost too much to handle.

Greta asked them very personal and probing questions and they answered every single one of them. Beth admitted that she is angry and Dave just looked defeated since his plane was delayed and he didn't make it on time for the hearing in the Court today. Greta said that watching the father of a missing child run into a courtroom dragging his luggage was awful to see.

I can only can't imagine.
I can't even fathom how that must have looked and felt.

I read the hate sites and how they gloat and call Beth ugly names and pander to Joran and Joe T. and I feel ill. I wonder how those people can exist without making themselves physically ill by the very sight of their own faces in the mirror. How can they NOT feel compassion for these parents...for their lost child???

Joe T., with his puffed up chest acting all confident and powerful and sure and talking about how Joran is pleased with the case and how he's doing well at school.

School...Joran is alive, he's at school, he breathes and Natalee is not. Natalee will never go to school or get married or have children...but Joran is fine.

The Judge has a tough decision to make and despite the screeching lawyers on Rita Cosby's show and the jurisdictional issues, the case could go either way. There is precedent and that's all that's needed in law. Of course, the chances are remote because none of the parties reside in New York and the case is in a very gray area of law....either way would be right and either way would be legally binding.

There will be no appeals no matter how the Judge rules. If Joe T. loses he will file more motions and seek postponement after postponement but the case would eventually go forward.

If John Kelly loses he has no place to go except to Aruba and we all know what kind of treatment this case would get there.

Beth thanked their supporters and I almost wanted to scream out that I am doing NOTHING to help...that I feel trapped in a web of helplessness. I can only keep on writing and keep on letting her and Dave know that we are here....we won't leave, that we care.

No Natalee.

In my faith I was taught never to pray for anything frivolous and never to pray for myself so in keeping with that I will ask God to give Dave and Beth a break...give them peace, give them the truth, give them justice.


blackhawk said...

I watched and I listened to all the talking heads and suits...I watched and listened to Dave and Beth on Greta...The pain and sorrow and hopeless feeling they were experiencing...It almost looked as though they needed to be led by their hand for they appeared to be lost and without sight...They wonder if there will be justice for their daughter...
We are a nation of Law but yet the law is not applicable regarding this case or so we are told by Joe T. and his crew...When you end up with no legal recourse what are you supposed to do?? When its very apparent there was a miscarriage of justice in Aruba..What do you do?? Quit..let it slide...forget about goes big deal?? I don't think so... And people must remember "Something Bad Happened""
to Natalee Ann Holloway...And those who are responsible are still free on the Island of Aruba and possibly other parts of the world...So common sense would apply here...Aruba,is not a safe place to be...there Govt. and ALE are for all intents and purposes are severely lacking in skill and judgement...You are still at great risk and if something happens well good luck for you have been warned!
I pray God will give Dave and Beth peace and comfort and help ease their pain and hopefully Justice!

Anonymous said...

JoeT has become a laughing stock of the New Yorker's overnight. Why would he object to the affidavit of Jane Doe presented by JQK. That behavior puts a reg flag into the Judge's mind. She smells a rat. Initially the Judge was about to dismiss the case, but she holds it back at that instant. When JoeT started ranting, the Judge asked him to shutup. She indicates an advicement panel will study the Forum Non Conveniens doctrine before a final decison can be made. Further, the people in the courtroom would think JoeT spent all Joran defense fund for him to enjoy a week in Aruba to collect all his exhibits, so why is it so difficult for the Sloots to come to NYC for the trial. It just does make any sense to anyone. The United Nations in NYC have the Hague Convention fund which can pay for all the Sloot famlily travel expenses. There is a leftover of 2 billions US dollars in the fund for the Nazi trials. See all the people in the Kingdom of Netherlands are entitled to the fund contributed by the allies. The Dutch people were the victims of the Nazi criminals. The LKL was cancelled to save JoeT from the public embarassment. JoeT is an excellent criminal defense lawyer, but he is not any good in the civil case defense. People do not believe a word of him about Joran is a good boy because there is no affidavit from International School of Aruba validating him as a good honor student in the exhibits with JoeT's own filing and testimony.

Anonymous said...

It is a long haul. However, the Hague Convention allows the plaintiff to call witness while the advisement is in due process. The discoveries can be done in 3 to 4 weeks. But the monetary award by the Judge might take years for the decision depending the date of submital of the affidavit by the advisement panel.

Anonymous said...

Lets pray for Justice for Natalee and everyone else involved in this mystery

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are answers with the Hague convention. Yes, there are breaks in NYC courtroom. Yes, there are luck with Beth. Yes, we will find Natalee and bring her home. We will get Joran to take a lie detector test through the NATO Marchals.

Anonymous said...

The New Yorkers are very proud of their NYC Supreme Court Judge. She in innovative, and now she is the darling of Manhattan. The "Manhattan Project" so called is this civil case for all the missing women and children. There is Amber Alert. And this is the Manhattan Project which is International and beyond borders. The New Yorkers booted Joe Tacopina out because he is a traitor to the New York Supreme Court and the Lady Stature of Liberty in the Great Harbor of New York City. New York City is the landlord who owns the land titles of all of the United Nations buildings. Unless UN wants to move to Aruba, which is fine; otherwise NYC Supreme Court shares the jurisdiction over Aruba and Holland by the definitions of Hague Convention over the matters of Forum Non Conveniens in all the civil cases originated from any part of the world. This is a newly discovered Forum Judicial Power accidentially exposed by the bad guy Joe.

Anonymous said...

I thought Greta did a good job last night. I hate it though when she doesn't follow up with a question. When Dave Holloway said that he believes some people are in the gov't are working against the case. Greta should have asked who? Prodding to him to name Van der Straaten, Jacobs, Creos and Dompig. These men need there names mentioned everytime. They have Covered up this case right from the get go.