May 03, 2006


Who is forcing you to play?

We can hate both when people turn the judicial system into a game. Simply put, it is not a game! Television and legal pundits sit on both sides and commentate as if it were a spectator sport. Attornies hire professional cheerleaders to sway public opinion in their favor.

The tiny island of Aruba is no exception. The players start a bit younger and seek a little different thrill. These are the self called "Pimps" of the island. Identified from left to right back row are Giliam Van Der Straaten, Joran Van Der Sloot, Darwin Duberto, Deepak Kalpoe, Jaime Carrasquilla, Valentjin Van Der Sloot.

The Pimps are the sons of the current power side of Aruba's political spectrum. These boys has been lucky in the past. Partly due to the leniency of having fathers in positions to help them out and partly because they were seen by the general public as above suspician.

Several of the mothers taught at the International School of Aruba (ISA) where the boys attend. ISA is a small private pre-k through high school with approximately 120 students total or 7-8 per grade level. If we really explore the situation, we might find that it is some home schooled children that are recieving grants and international aid to build a new school and for travel to foreign countries etc... (read ripoff other countries including the US).

If we listen to Joran's mother who is also a teacher at ISA, Joran was an honor student with advanced placement classes. Yet he was NOT accepted at any major University in the states much less offered any academic scholarships. Do you wonder how badly he must have done on the SAT? Or was it the interview?

The Pimps games

Have as much fun as you can, get as drunk as fast as you can, have all the girls you can, do anything because you can. The gang mentality runs rampant in the "Pimps", you might be fooled by the clothing and face paint.

These boys and their familes have one theme in common. They truly hate Americans. They may pretend to like the intrusive Americans because it puts the food on the table but that is exactly why they hate them. American women were good for one thing and only one thing. And the boys enjoyed the frequent visitors to the island.

Weekends were particularly fun...a couple boys would get together and hang out at the one of the hotels choosing a target. Once chosen, they make small talk allowing her to believe he is also a tourist. He or his accomplice will learn or overhear where she plans to go later that evening or the next. for an "accidental" meeting. Close to closing time the predator pimp strikes, adding a small amout of extasy. He and his accomplices left with the victim. She was then repeatedly raped. Her memory would be foggy when she awakened on a beach in a foreign country and the police would laugh when she tried to tell what she remembers.

But "something BAD happened". It had worked so many times before. (At least 20 times according to Joran)

"What the hell do you mean her mother is on her way here?" Paul screamed into the phone.

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blackhawk said...

When a group of young men get together and call themselves "The
Pimps"", I think its self explanatory what they truly think
about women...just something to use then discard....Well people the pimps are still intact...a little scattered right now but still free...No one has been arrested and charged with Natalee Ann holloway disappearance and even more disturbing no one probably will be either...So any young lady that goes to Aruba could possibly suffer the same fate and end up missing and we have seen ALE at work..Inept,weak,disorganized,petty and even possibly corrupt...You will not be protected and maybe they will implied that you are responsible for your disappearance or your family or your friends...Don't go to Aruba,Please!