May 03, 2006


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These official documents were given to me by an Aruban source; however they are in Dutch. Until I get an exact translation, I've been told by my Aruba source that this document says that Joran accused Deepak of raping, murdering and burying Natalee. This document was signed by J.E. Boezem, D.D. Jacobs, L.A.G. Croes, and G.A. Tromp.

It is dated June 13, 2005...only a couple days after the 'posse' was arrested. Why would Joran say that Natalee was murdered only a couple days after his arrest if he really didn't know what happened to her? When someone makes a statement such as this, then why would one recant such a statement later? It doesn't add up. Joran, you now claim that you dropped her off at the beach and never saw her again. But here you are saying she was murdered by Deepak?

Sniff...sniff...something STINKS.

Follow the words of Joran's lies... Zoom in for better viewing quality:


Anonymous said...

Good one Michelle:)

Anonymous said...

This troubled Joran has no soul and conscience. The tennis shoes he wore that night were missing. There was not a single witness who claimed to have seen Joran that morning at Mariott beach. He is the slave master of Deepak and Satish, and Joran was taught to be a white racist by his daddy Paulus with underage drinking and gambling. He has become the boss of his parents and younger brothers. Nobody can stop him from doing things that will hurt his family and other people. He lies, of course, to cover up his wrong doings. It is no surprise that he killed Natalee and blamed Deepak for it, but he was the last person with Natalee seen alive that he
admitted. He had said so many times Natalee was well when he was with her alone that night, and
he couldn't recant that part of his many lies and stories ever told. That is the key truth that
has nailed him. He is the central criminal with many other co-criminals. May be even Dompig is
one of those co-criminals. You never know, all the Dutch Arubans are cursed damn liars. Only thing we Americans can do now is to continue to boycott Aruban and let them starving to death. Then the truth will eventually come out by itself. But it won't be long, the Dutch TV crew hates that place, there are so many people on the street begging them for money for food. People are out of work because of not enough tourists to go there to spend their money. With no money, people cannot buy food and become starving. Not before long, the poor people will rebel against the government and kill Dompig, Karin, Deepak and Satish, and take back the island. At that time, Natalee's body will be found in somebody's food freezer. Natalee is still well preserved because the Voodoo people plan to marry Natalee to Bifron, the Carib god of Aruba on the May 30, the anniversary of Natalee's sacrifice. Natalee was sold by Joran for money to pay for his gambling debts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can visualize this.

One of my thoughts was Joran sold Natalee alive for his gambling debts.

Could be psychopathological liar/narcissist.

Anonymous said...

Boycott the Island.

Anonymous said...

Time line in this document is wrong.

They get the statement from Joran on June 13, 2005 about possible location of Natalee.

In this same document it states (twice) that they went on May 13, 2005 with Joran to this location.

My opinon: not a real statement made by Joran, but by Aruban police to force a break from either three boys.

Anonymous said...

It's just their write up report on the matter and what was said. Dave said he talked for a long time and got back a one page report showing what he talked about. If it says May they have just wrote the wrong date in their summary. It has their actual signatures.
Why would they put the wrong date on to break them..duh can't the 3 read the date and know it wasn't May13th.. I remember on the news Joran being taken to the beach to point out where this was and couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Well, JQK on Greta tonight says that the document is a fraud. KJ has told JQK that Jossie Masur made the whole thing up. Isn't that a kick in the head. The publisher of a newspaper is creating fraudulent documents.

And Beth has used Jossie as her source, e.g., the girls that Joran supposedly assaulted.

Read and weep.

Anonymous said...

The leaked offical ALE document just shot and blew Joe T's face off. Joe T is a dead duck right now. He was killed by Joran and his own lies. The bangbus and rape drugs thing is really got the bloggers mad as hell, they demand the GOP elders to make the civil case go forward, or else they will be voted out of the primary and be replaced with the young and moral GOP leaders from states like Alabama and Arkansas. The rampant corruptions among the current GOP elders are sinking the GOP. Nobody know why the Natalee case is being played into the 2006 election politics. Surely the Tyra Banks show is a supreme success, it unlocks the hearts and feelings of all American loving care mothers who regard Natalee as their own daughter, that generates the grassroot support for Beth's cause and her speaker tours. The new grassroot moral momentum are helping the young GOP governors to compete for the White House and keep the GOP in power. The translation is: Aruba is dead.

Anonymous said...

Actually, she never said that Masur made them up. JQK said she was mad at him. Probably because she actually had to pay attention to the case again.

Anonymous said...

The document on this page and the one KJ is talking about isn't the same one. She said the new one had no police signatures on it. She also didn't say Jossy made up fake evidence. I don't for a minute believe Jossy would publish something he knows to be false. Jossy's a goood guy who wants answers to what happened to Natalee. He thinks with his heart, unlike some others down there.