May 03, 2006


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ORANJESTAD (AAN) – Documents that have leaked from the investigation of Natalee’s case give an impression which is totally contrary to what people had of the three suspects.

There are people that have tried to give Joran an image of never having broken and Joran himself in one or more interviews tried to portray himself as very innocent. The Kalpoe brothers also got support because supposedly they also would never go as far as to do something bad.

Well, sirs, from the documents such as the procesverbaal of the Aruban police and also police who came from Holland to interrogate the suspects, very compromising information shows a totally different face of the suspects, but it is time that this case gets completely solved and everyone gets to know who is who.

A person who is a friend of Joran and also the Kalpoe brothers gave a declaration in which he went as far as to say that he would put his hand in fire for both Joran and the Kalpoes, that these three would never be able to do something bad with someone, like what is suspected could have happened to Natalee.

While the friend of Joran and the Kalpoes declared to put his hand in the fire for them, Joran himself declared to police that Deepak could have raped and killed Natalee, and further along in the investigation, Joran called the Kalpoes all sorts of bad things and Deepak himself told Joran that if they find the girl, Joran will be locked up for 15 years.

The question now is, what was the suspect’s friend’s benefit to go as far as to put his hand in the fire for them, given that the suspects themselves were accusing one another?

In the sequence of declarations made by Joran van der Sloot himself, it can be seen that Joran changed his version from one day to the other, and at one time he was good friends with the Kalpoes, and from one moment to the other, the Kalpoes were the bad ones who did something bad to Natalee and lied about Joran, etc. etc.

Every time the matter of whether or not they went to the lighthouse came up, where the Kalpoe brothers insisted that they went with Joran to the lighthouse, and Joran himself at first declared they went to the lighthouse, then later became that they did NOT go to the lighthouse.

The false declaration from all three suspects in regards to having dropped of Natalee at the Holiday Inn Hotel, was information that indicated that all three suspects had taken into account that if Plan A failed, then Plan B had to have certain aspects of details given in Plan A, so that Plan B could be used?

It is more than logical that if there was so much lying and so much shifting of guilt of one to the other between the Kalpoe brothers and Joran van der Sloot, that there is nothing other than the impression that was created and shown from the same declarations made, that they have something or other to cover up.

One moment Joran says that Deepak went to pick Joran up at the beach, and later he says that Satish was the one who went to pick up Joran at the beach!

Today, this publication has reproduced a copy of the leaked report, and in this report readers themselves can read how a policeman declared that he spoke informally with Joran; this was not in an official interrogation.

To the question of what Joran could say of what happened with the girl (Natalee) after the girl ‘feel asleep at the fisherman’s hut’, Joran said: ‘I called Deepak and he came with two dogs’. ‘I think that he raped the girl and did something with the girl (indicating that Deepak could have done something bad to the girl!)’.

To the question from police, of where the girl is buried, Joran answered: ‘I think the girl is buried near the wall of the fisherman’s hut, as far as I know’.

After the policeman proposed to Joran to answer the following questions with only Yes or No; Joran was asked if the girl was disposed of at sea? Joran answered: ‘No, I mean, I don’t know.’

During the conversation with the policeman, Joran showed emotions that varied; sometimes he was crying, sometimes he gave direct answers.

Those who made false declarations in Natalee’s case have to be aware that they could be held responsible of covering up something or other, and the message here falls under the title : ‘to a good listener, words are few’.

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