May 30, 2006


This is how I imagine perfect karma--JUSTICE and LOVE to Natalee Ann Holloway


It’s 2021, and Natalee Holloway is 35 years old. She went on to complete her undergraduate studies in pre-medicine at the University of Alabama, and graduated magna cum laude. She married her college sweetheart and studied medicine at the prestigious John Hopkins University Medical School. However, instead of becoming a pediatric practioner like she always thought she would do, she opted for biomedical research in the area of pediatric hereditary diseases. She is one of the lead inventors of a medical team that has just completed all their research and medical trials for a life changing new drug. This drug will save millions of babies’ lives for a particular hereditary disease that is currently incurable.

Same year--2021. After his third divorce, Joran meets and marries his fourth wife, Betty Boop. Joran does not have any children because he has always “used a condom” with everyone he’s been with…including all his wives. He was never really committed to having a family and although married, he continued to live his cavalier lifestyle and never did manage to get over the stigma of being regarded in the likes of O.J. Simpson.

However, Joran seems to want to finally settle down with Betty Boop and together, they decide to start a family. Betty Boop becomes pregnant shortly thereafter. Joran and Betty are ecstatic and very excited for their new, wonderful, perfect baby.

Flashback 35 years…

It is May 29, 2005. Natalee Holloway has been vacationing with her friends and celebrating their high school graduation on the safe island of Aruba. After coming home from Aruba, Natalee plans to attend the University of Alabama with a full scholarship for pre-med. She wants to be a pediatrician. Unfortunately, Natalee’s future will never be known because she met someone in Aruba named Joran van der Sloot. In the early morning hours of May 30, after an evening of fun with her friends at a cheesy local tourist bar, she is seen leaving with Joran, who posed himself as a tourist, and offered her a ride back to the hotel. Natalee believes Joran is staying at the Holiday Inn as well. Natalee Holloway is never seen again. Justice is never served. Joran van der Sloot goes on about his life.

Here comes the irony of the alternate universe…

It is May 30, 2021. Joran Van der Sloot and his wife Betty welcome their new, perfect beautiful baby boy into the world. Unfortunately, the beautiful baby boy is not perfect and tragically dies due to a pediatric hereditary disease. There has been a drug in the works for years, but a cure has never been found.


Meri said...


Your imaginative symbolism is very real and I know exactly how you feel. After all of this time one begins to fantasize about the future and it is one way to seek justice since we can't seem to get any.

I understand what you were writing about and why...if I were to post all of my thoughts about the "suspects" in this case I would probably use up all of your bandwidth. Thank you for saying what a lot of us feel.


Anonymous said...

What Rita Crosby tonight(tuesday)10 pm eastern time for coverage of the case

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Meri, What a beautiful heart you both have. Don't ever change.

Sue said...

Michelle I love you but your to nice why cant someone just blow his damn head off Doesnt that sound Better :)

Michelle said...

I wish I could! But then I'd have Joe T. bothering me with his nonsense. I don't have time for his frivolous annoyances. ;)

Besides, the freaks out there would call the FBI and tell them I was threating the life of dear sonny boy.

But go ahead! I'm all for your opinions! :) And I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Come on down, we will have a party, share some laughs, have some fun, o yeah

Anonymous said...

Michelle, how did you get so smart?
I always thought of myself as being kinda hard hearted, but you reduce me to tears most all the time. Since I'm no spring chick, I guess the waterfall comes a bit easier.
I think you, Meri and all the pro Natalee monkeys should get to get and do some good. (Remember the Orient Express?)

Chris :-)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, how did you het so smart and have so much empathy? I always thought of myself as kinda hard hearted, but you manage to reduce me to tears most all the time. You're doing so much good for all of us who are so deeply involved in this case. Good comments above. Did you ever see Murder on the Orient Express?

Chris ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love you Michelle.Keep up the good work.

Be Safe!!