May 08, 2006



Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, doesn’t have anything to do with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. That’s what the 19 year old Dutchman who was arrested on April 15th says. For the first time after his arrest, Geoffrey will tell his story. The interview can be watched on Monday May 8th at 7.00 pm on Action News.

Geoffrey came into the picture after the broadcast of the program Opsporing Verzocht, which was recorded in Aruba. He supposedly looked like someone who is a part of the investigation. Ironically enough, he wanted, just as his sister, play a part in the re-enactment of the program. "I always wanted to be on TV, but this is of course the wrong way. I found it important to help with the case, but then they arrested me.”

The Dutch teen, was asked in the week after the broadcast of Opsporing Verzocht, to come to the police station. He was quickly arrested and detained on the "charge" of murder, manslaughter and rape. Geoffrey says he has nothing to do with this case, and that’s why he doesn’t mind that his full name is shown in the media.

Van Cromvoirt was pressured hard while in custody, "They told things which drove me crazy, they said they would arrest my whole family... Of course you will go nuts, and that evening I totally lost it. After that they removed all of my clothes, besides my boxers. They were afraid that I would hang myself, which I would never do. I laid for 2 days on a concrete floor".

The arrest of Geoffrey enormous impact on him and his family. "The worst is the damage to my son and my family; my wife is desperate." Says Geoffrey’s father, Willem van Cromvoirt. Officially Geoffrey is still a suspect in this case, but his dad believed this will be dismissed. “We are thinking about compensation. Our lawyers are researching that.”

The complete interview with Geoffrey will be tonight at 7.00 pm on Action News SBS6.


blackhawk said...

I hope they sue Dompig and his son...Hell I don't think saying oops i'm sorry is gonna cut it..Man what a Frigging Freak show ALE is....And whats even scarier is that its getting worse not better...People,Stay the hell away from Aruba...they condemn themselves by their own actions and words...

Anonymous said...

So Koen is the wise guy, but he doesn't want to be the fall guy for Joran. Joran craved for blonde girls and Koen gave him his advise, but Joran was stupid enough to murder Natalee after he got done raping her. Koen had no other choice but helped disposing Natalee's body in the deep ocean with his Dad's boat. This powerboat can sail five miles offshore without any problems.

It's all cleared now that two hours of lapse time was more than enough for Koen, Joran, Deepak and Cores to dump Natalee's body in the deep sea. It is so true that "No Body, No Case" did happen.

Joran revealed the clue today. Satish picked Joran and Deepak up after being dropped off by Koen and Cores from the speedboat at the beach. Joran should say it more clearly: "I leave (with) her on the beach".

It was high tide and sea water covering the beach slope, Koen's boat stayed out at a distance in the water and he didn't want the boat got stuck in the beach sand dunes. Joran didn't want his shoes
get wet and he took them off. He and Deepak together carried Natalee's body and walking through the water towards Koen's boat where Koen kept the boat's motor running and positioning, it was
high tide and high wind, the sea waves were strong and rough. For some unknown reasons Joran got some blood into his shoes when the suspects were trying to fit Natalee's body into the crap
cage. They might have to do some cuttings of the body in order to get all the body parts into the cage. The cage was not a coffin shape, it was square in shape, not long enough to fit a body of 5'4.
So Joran put his bloody shoes into the square crab cage as well. Together the suspects dropped cage to the deepsea bottom and got rid of the forensic evidence. If Tim Miller can locate the crab cage, Joran's shoes are there. Joran is the murderer.

Anonymous said...

this guy's dad looks like he would fit in with the other on the site for Megans' Law.