May 08, 2006


DIARIO leaked an interrogation report with Joran. This is the ALE's record of Joran's interrogation (loosely translated).

Joran stated, "Deepak said I left my shoes at the Marriott Hotel. Deepak told me not to worry, because he'd pick the shoes up tomorrow for me. I had left a pair of size 14 white and blue K-Swiss shoes. I bought these shoes in the United States."

I also could mention is that during the drive Deepak told me that he was free the next morning because he didn't have to work. I told Deepak that I had school and was tired.

Deepak dropped me off at my house on the morning of May 30th, around 3:45 am. When I got out of the car I asked him if he was going to go online and Deepak said yes. I also told him that I would call him the next day so he could pick up the shoes that I had left on the beach. Deepak said he would get the shoes inmediately.

June 29, 2005?

I was picked by Satish around 2:45 am and I was barefoot. I sat in the front next to Satish. There is a possibility that I had sand on my feet. The white sand from my feet got onto the floormat of the Honda. I told Satish that I left my shoes on the beach and where I had left my shoes.

The suspect told me without being aksed:

  • That he didn't expect such an interrogation that he had just experienced.

  • That he thought the police would be where one of them would be friendly and the other unfriendly. (Good cop/bad cop)

  • That he found the media attention excessive and there were more important matters. The attack in England was real news. But after that, the attacks on the Natalee case was again on the news.

  • That he doesn't want to run to journalists and phtographers because that would make the case worse.

  • That he heard from his lawyers that it wasn't a smart choice to wear a pair of sunglasses during a transport, where he was photographed. His lawyers weren't happy that he was photographed with a pair of sunglasses while smiling in the car.

  • That he thought that I, De Ruiter, talked a lot.

  • That he was wearing borrowed K-Swiss shoes from a cellmate.

  • Suspect was aksed to take off one of his shoes. Suspect looked around for his lawyer's support, but he (the lawyer) didn't look at him and continued to write. After an urgent request, Joran threw his shoe with a bang on the table. Interrogators asked him why he said he was wearing a size 14 on the day in question and now he was wearing shoes size 10.5.

  • After the suspect put his shoes back on, I, de Ruiter, pressed on the top of his shoes and felt that his toes were straight fit into the shoe. The suspect didn't have any further reaction.


Anonymous said...

With Joran's borrowed shoes, "If it does fit, you must not acquit", says Joe T, Joran's defense lawyer. The American people will never acquit Joran in the civil case trial until we find out the truth about what he had done with Natalee. How will a 10.5 size old shoe compare to a 14.0 size new shoe? A far stretched lie made up by Joran -- his notorious beach story. In Dutch folklore, you can tell a man's penis by his wooden shoes. People don't think Joran has a 14 inches long penis from Day One. This is why people never believe Joran's stories unless he is under a lie detector or under oath in a civil case trial. That goes to Joe T too. They are a good pair of 10.5 and 14.0 sizes of lies.

Anonymous said...

That so called "interrogation report" is obviously fake. :)