May 11, 2006


"I'm really surprised my invention worked!
But I guess it backfired on me when
I was being interrogated and threw
the size 10 shoe I was wearing, huh?

Joran van der Sloot has many talents besides drinking, gambling, stalking, luring, drugging and raping women. He has just unleashed his new invention he calls the "foot stretcher/shrinker". It has not been patented yet, as he just wants to use this invention for himself.

This is a prototype of what Joran used to make his feet go from size 14 to 10.5 and back. Pretty amazing stuff! Your grandparents never would have imagined this!


Pressurecooker said...

Lets see here, Speaking of stretching: How about this idea.

Joran before prison>>>> o

Joran in prison>>>> 0

Better invest in KY Sloot your gonna need it!!

That is another odd thing about this guy...small feet and a HUGE round head... We all know the implication about small feet equals small penis size...But what the hell does a Huge round head mean...maybe more room for his pea brain to roll around in maybe..??

Keep up the pressure!!!

Michelle said...

That made me laugh OUT LOUD.

before.. o

after.. O

I suggest he start watching some OZ DVDs...that prison show that was on HBO.

Anonymous said...

I think he got mixed up and put it on the wrong end..his head and it shrunk his brain.

mgrfin said...

Is it true?

Are you really a hate site?

mayan_moons said...

still laffin at that pressurecooker
well done!~