May 16, 2006


It's a bird, it's a plane...Is it the Pink Panther?'s Big Pimpin' Joran!

Deep Thoughts, by Joran Van der Pimp

I've been thinking and contemplating for some time now...and this is the perfect opportunity to use my media spotlight to develop and sell my own clothes line. So far, I think I will be naming my summer line "Big Pimpin' with Joran".

Next I will be coming out with my first full length CD recording. I consulted Eminem on how to trash and demean defenseless women in my rap writing and I talked to Vanilla Ice about my image. I'm all set, beeeatch!

More to come from me, Joran the PIMP!


blackhawk said...

LMAO!! Wow,where is the Pimpmobile?? I just heard Joe T. say he was gonna sue 2 people who supposedly trashed his highly respected client[yeh right] on TV...No bloggers though...Wonder why...HeHe....

Wonder who he's gonna go after...I wonder what atty's who hate Joe T.
guts are gonna defend should be real hot and nasty to...I wonder if Sloot will ever come to the USA again and if he does will he be safe...Somehow I don't think so...I think it would be safer for him in Holland...but as we all know sloot does what he wants,when he wants and to who he wants...thats a formula for disaster...We love ya Natalee and there will be justice for her and her families!!

Anonymous said...

He's so gross.. can't even look at him..

Anonymous said...

The American people believe the protection of their women and children against the sex predators. The Amber Alert overrides any non-residence and forum non conveniens issues. The Amber Alert is also a nationwide Class Action template, the class action applies to all the 52 states in our nation. The NYC civil lawsuit is an instance of object derived from the Amber Alert Class Action template against the foreign sex predators.

Anonymous said...

The hearing is a big setback and disappointment for Joe Tarcopina. He had been so over confident that the civil case will be tossed right out of the state of New York without any hearings based on his own Forum Non Conveniens theory. This Judge is a good summer intern law student. She is doing her homework. There are so many empty white spaces in Joe T's filing which spells a symptom of something is being erased or whitewashed or coverup suspected. There is a wide stretch of open beach area for people to dig for worms for baits. And some worms might have been found in his filing, and that is what today's hearing is all about. The Judge is looking beyond all the legalism. She is applying her common sense and asking those questions. That is whats making Joe feeling so nervous. Joe Tacopina is a good criminal code legalist, but he doesn't have developed his sense of commonality which is absolutely required in this high profile civil case. People knows this Forum Non Conveniens theory is not written into the stone. As a matter of fact, the NYC Bar Association is not very happy with the misrepresentations which favor the foreign criminals.