May 31, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

So What Now??? A year has come and gone. Natalee is still nowhere to be found. Aruba continues to pretend like they are investigating her disappearance. Some Dutch Professors admit that the case was bungled from the start.

Joran is free in Holland pursuing his college degree. The Kalpoe Brothers continue to live on Aruba and to remain silent. Joe Tacopina awaits a NY Judge's decision as to whether or not the civil lawsuit goes forward or is thrown out for lack of jurisdiction. Beth shows Greta Van Susteren around Natalee's bedroom and we see a well organized calendar with dates as far ahead as August of 2006. Pretty summer dresses hang in a closet no longer used.

Rita speaks about Natalee and the case with Dave Holloway. On Saturday, America's Most Wanted will do a special on Natalee where one of her close friends will speak out for the first time. Does the above sound like a bunch of headlines strung together? Is what's left of the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway no more than a page in a tabloid...a quick nightly news report? Have other stories pushed Natalee out of the news?

Think about this; a girl was strangled in an apartment near Clemson University. The police believe that the case will be solved and there are already persons of interest in their sights. A wake was held for the young lady today and she will be buried by her loved ones.

Another young lady was kidnapped and taken to an apartment complex in Birmingham, Alabama. She was found the same day and the kidnapper is in custody due to excellent police work. A woman was murdered by two brutal killers who video taped their dirty deeds and who may have also killed at least one other woman. They have been caught and are behind bars.

The families of the victims will bury their loved ones. MOST cases of homicide and murder are solved and in even more the victims are recovered and their families can bury them.

The news changes every day but one thing remains constant; Natalee has not been found and her parents have not recovered her. If she is dead they cannot bury her. The police investigating her disappearance could in no possible way be described as having practiced excellent police work.

So, where do we go from here...those of us who want to help? I can tell you what I am going to do...I am going to blog and blog and blog until Beth and Dave have their answers. Until they know what happened to their daughter and if she will ever come home...even for the purpose of a funeral service. I am going to keep talking about Natalee Holloway until I have no more voice and my hands no longer have the strength to type.

You might ask why and I would have to defer you to the images of Beth that I watched on television last night. The pictures of a mother going through her daughter's precious possessions and trying to hold back her tears. I would have to defer you to the images of a father who is being interviewed and while I listen to him speak I can hear the sadness in his voice and see the sorrow in his eyes, I watch him holding back his own tears. That's why...

For those of you who believe that Natalee deserves justice, keep on going...don't give up.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Meri!
Blog until I DROP!
: )

Anonymous said...

BLOG is Bonnie Lady Of God. I am one of the many blessed BLOG women who are helping to bring Natalee home. My goal now is to keep blogging at the New York Supreme Court to get it to accept the Natalee Civil Case Against Joran. To get Joran and Joe Tacopina to swear under oath for their depositions is the only way to know the truth about the whereabout of Natalee. Joran and Joe T. had spoken too many lies, and they knew what happened to Natalee on that fearful night of May 30 in year 2005.

Anonymous said...

My goal is to keep e-mailing the cable networks to start focusing on the Crooked cops and government officials of Aruba. Such As Van der Straaten, Dennis Jacobs, Rudy Croes and Dompig. This is where all the answers lie. They are the culprits who have allowed the 3 punks to get away with this crimes against Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Meri, if your little ole hands ever get too tired to type, I'll be right here for you. I too will never stop, because I crinch everytime I think that those criminals would go free.

Anonymous said...

"So, where do we go from here"

where we go from here is to make Dutch and Aruban touists feel as welcome as Beth was made to feel in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting in the theater with my husband watching the screen
advertisments prior the movie starting and then it hit me. Wouldn't it be great if we could have several cities across the USA with advertisments in the theaters (since literally hundreds of thousands of people go to movies)
about Natalee Holloway and Aruba.

I thought this idea could put it in the public eye even more. There are so many people in USA that still do not know who Natalee Holloway is or never heard about her missing persons case in Aruba.
This evil, corrupt, incompitent fiasco ALE calls an investigation has brought it so close to heart to many, but yet so many, who never heard of or about it.

There are so many major theater chains within the USA. For example: Rave Motion Pictures, Ritz Theatres, Nova Cinema's, Carkmike Cinema's, Loews Cineplex, Regent Theaters, AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas...ect.

I am contimplating also trying to contact someone within the movie industry that does short films prior the vetured movies. One that could talk about GHB drugs and young adults in their travels abroad being more aware of their
surroundings and drinks. Show a clip about how GHB can affect someone and possibly jeopardizing a victim to rape, kidnapping or even murder.

While You Were Sleeping - GHB Trip

Waking_up_alive said...

Michelle,I know your hurting ,not unlike many good people.Natalee was a very special young lady with her whole life before her.She could have reached for the moon,and no dought made it.Like many people I will never forget Natalee Ann Holloway,and when I remember her, it will alway's make me sad.All to often bad thing's happen to good people.This need's to be better understood,in the hopes that one day fewer good people will become victims.

Do yourself a favor Michelle and smile,even when you don't want to.Because it's good for you.Try it and see.

Keep up the good work!!