May 12, 2006


Slang or just Coincidence? I believe its the makes complete sense to me. There are no coincidences.

Thanks to Chata from SM

..."sharks" and "Lighthouse" are connected in their language: both in linguistic proximity and cognition, is highly significant. In context I add that in literal understandings, there was never a "lighthouse" or "sharks" as the terms are used to communicate.

These terms have a meaning to them beyond what is heard by avg listeners.
I thought someone would look up the highlighted words ... no one did so I did and learned more than I wanted to know. There is a sexual connotation and I am not going to go there, but look up lighthouse in the Urban Dictionary and shark at:

Made me look at Jorans story with new eyes.

shark v. Although the word is shark, the usage is more often sharking. A person who is Sharking is a person actively seeking the intimate company of a member of the opposite sex - probably any member of the opposite sex. The easiest way to spot someone who is sharking is to watch their friends, who will every so often hold one hand just above their head like a fin just to make the point.

The difference between sharking and being on the pull is that sharking is slightly more proactive. If you're on the pull you won't say no; if you're sharking you won't take no for an answer. I am told that shark in US slang is, erm, a sexual technique. I tried and failed to describe the act itself in polite terms.

pull v. The art of distracting the opposite sex. Pulling is conceptually very similar to hooking up. To be on the pull is a less proactive version of sharking. Single males and females are almost all on the pull but will deny it fervently and pretend to be terribly surprised when eventually it pays off.

Sharking is defined as chasing after desirable members of the opposite sex in an unsubtle and determined fashion. It often results in gossip for the Tropical Bird.... The term covers both a determined play for a single person, and more general attempts to pull anything that stays still long enough. Unsurprisingly the most notorious society sharks are known for the latter.

Lighthouse v.: Trying to master mind control whilst standing in a corner. Usually looking absent or grinning insanely. As defined by popular comedian Dane Cook : The perfect erection, when the vain leads up in a perfect spiral staircase right up to the thunderdome.


Anonymous said...

Sharks are predators, aren't they? That terminology slipped out of Joran's mouth because he had "ate" Natalee's private part. It is a bad thing Joran done to Natalee after he had drugged her. There was a sharking picture of Joran being shown everywhere over the web. From viewing his sharking in his pic, you can imagine how hard and horrifying on Natalee's feeling before she died. I guess Joran had bitten Natalee so hard and torn her apart just like the real big white shark. There were also two black sharks, namely Deepak and Satish, went after Natalee after Joran sucked out all her blood. With three vicious sex predator sharks attacking Natalee all at once, Natalee never had a chance coming out of her unconsiciousness.

Anonymous said...

Go to the film and stop it frame by frame from 1:34 to 1:35.

It looks like the guy with his back to you is recovering a body and the hand of the body slips out in plain view.

Look at the others in that time frame as they watch.

Please post the picture, it is a telling.

Love yout sight!

Anonymous said...

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