June 20, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

The following is a list of corporations who insist on doing business with Aruba concerning the tourist trade. Richard Rogers and some others have worked diligently to compile a list of places that we can all respond to and make our voices known. Susan Nagle has sent this information out to many of us. I wanted to share it on here because so many come here to read and keep up with the news concerning Natalee and Aruba.

Holiday Inn


Excelsior Casino

Carlos n Charlies

Jet Blue

American Airlines

Better Homes & Gardens--Meredith Corp.

Starwood Hotels, in conjunction with Belfonti Capital Partners, is renovating and re-flagging a Westin hotel/casino complex in Aruba. Also, a division of Starwood will launch a vacation ownership resort there under the Westin name.

AA is owned by AMR Corp. and Radisson is owned by Carlson Corp.
Mr. Gerard J. Arpey Chairman, President, and Chief Executive
American Airlines
4333 Amon Carter Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Vacation Wow --provided by Peach Vacations

There are probably more but this is a good start. Until Aruba and the Dutch can figure out a way to protect visitors to their Island and until the truth is told about what happened to Natalee Holloway, this boycott must continue.

Right now traveling to Aruba is dangerous because there is absolutely no guarantee that you or your loved ones will be protected and if some harm should come to you or someone you care about you can bet that it won't be properly investigated.

There is much unrest on Aruba right now and the Dutch are deciding what to do about the present state of affairs on their protectorate. They know that the current police force is unable to function properly and that they have proven their incompetence and corruptness. Dutch officials have expressed their disgust with the way things have been run on Aruba and the Prime Minister of Aruba has even blamed America for the mess on his Island.

As long as they refuse to recognize their limitations and to fix them, NO ONE is safe on Aruba. If you should be attacked, robbed or go missing on Aruba you can bet that your fate will be the same as that of Natalee Holloway.

Spare yourself and your family the agony that Beth and Dave have gone through and stay away from Aruba. Continue to protest and continue to boycott.

The ball is in their court and it is up to the Dutch to fix what is so horribly broken. It is also up to them to release the truth about what happened to Natalee. It IS known by some.

If they won't listen to reason, they WILL notice the diminished amount of tourism. They are not telling the truth about the tourism figures but they DO know that things are not going well. It's all about the Benjamin's on Aruba...help us show them the way.

"Money talks and bullshit walks". Keep this in mind if you want to help us find justice for Natalee.

For those of you who are planning to write nasty comments to me in regard to this blog or any other piece that I have written...save your breath. Nothing that you say will sway me or change the course of action that faces Aruba. They asked for what they are getting and until they are honest with Beth and Dave and the rest of the world about their obvious deception they will have to pay the price...literally!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Soul Beach festival in Aruba.. Styx and Lionel Richie are appearing also.. Send them letters..

blackhawk said...

To funny...Styx and Lionel richie...wow..wooooohoooo...kinda sad really...and real lame to...but thats what you can expect from Aruba....I didnt know Styx an Richie needed the money that badly...Well its just a matter of time till someone else turns up missing..{{{another case of suicide}}} No police force...No Govt. to speak of really...just a matter of time and Boom it will happen again....oh well looks like I got some more e-mailing to do....Aruba your in the SPOTLIGHT and you dont look to good...Grassroots is going to burn you down!! Remember Natalee Ann Holloway!!

Anonymous said...

www.jetblue.com/speakup/CommentsForm.aspx or www.jetblue.com/speakup/complaintsform.aspx Feel free to e-mail away and complain to Jetblue!!!!!!!

barven said...

I am so touched for your blog. I am actually in tears. All this Natalee tragedy has been a nightmare that I followed since the beggining. Please keep going, something good must come from your efforts. I have Natalee in my daily prayers. She is hanging in there wherever she is, waiting for justice. God bless you. Barbara