June 19, 2006


ARUBA – The police corps of Aruba walked-out this morning because they are not satisfied with the policy of the government. They were told that from now on, overtime will be paid partially. In the past two weeks, police union SPA has been asking Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) on numerous occasions to explain this decision and the idea behind it. Up until today, Croes has not reacted on the request and this was enough reason for the union to call a meeting with its members.


Anonymous said...

Take a good look at these 2 clowns.
That is what is investigating Natalee's disappearance. Between the corrupt and the totally inept, is it any wonder that we're still searching for the truth after a year?

blackhawk said...

Wow...No police protection for tourist....Because they are not getting their overtime money...Do you think the travel agents or Jet blue might mention this to their clients...Man,these guys are a joke really....I wonder if they are still getting paid off under the table....Keep up the good work Aruba you are selling a much more truthful image of your island...Weak,inept,greedy,corrupt and going down the toilet...Its good to see people are avoiding going to Aruba...Grass Roots Baby is the best...For the people by the people...Keep the heat turned way up!!!! We won't forget Natalee Ann Holloway AND we won't let you forget Aruba!!

Michelle said...

I love ya Blackhawk...you always come through with your wonderful remarks and constant support.

It's people like you that will make this grassroots movement work...or at least make a huge statement!


blackhawk said...

Michelle...We thank you for keeping this Blog going...We are just your supporting players[grin]...But this Blog you have created and maintain is having a impact on this case...Through your hard work and bulldog tenacity with this case you have helped make a difference...and thats all anyone can ask....I feel that folks like us can make a difference in this world and we do and we always will...to not try would be admitting defeat....defeat is not a option we like....so we keep plugging...One day we will get the truth out of Aruba....I hope it is sooner...rather than later...for her families sake....Keep the heat on and we will get the truth out!!

Anonymous said...

well it's obvious after a year we know now that there is NO law enforcement in Aruba.

Only a few Dutch transplants masquerading as police who try to extort tourists:
Hey Dennis Jacobs, you know what it's called when you ask a tourist 'how much money do you have' when they come to ask for help to find their missing daughter?

In America, we call that EXTORTION. It is a crime punishable by lenghy jail sentence. Thats where you belong, Jacobs.

Zarina said...

Ha hahahahahaha. What police force?

Anonymous said...

ARUBA never did have a police force so what difference would those jerks in crossing guard uniforms make, if they NEVER went back to work!