June 16, 2006


"...If Holland, supported by the USA, wishes to force Aruba into a certain direction, they should not forget that Venezuela and Chavez are right there."

--Nelson Oduber threatening the U.S.

And You'll See What Happens, Oduber...

From A.M. Digital Today:

If Holland, supported by the U.S., wish to lure Aruba in certain direction, don't forget that Venezuela and our friend Chavez are right there, declared Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber.

Many in Aruba could not believe their ears yesterday when listening to a statement made by Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber via a radio station in Curacao. Although the statement was meant for local consumption, it can do harm to Aruba.

The statement was made in connection with events that are taking place in Holland related to the Kingdom tripartite meetings that are attended by Holland, Aruba, the Federal Government of the Netherland Antilles, and the Governments of all the islands of the Netherlands Antilles.

...Oduber furthermore said that Dutch Minister Pechtold has been threatening Aruba for two years, and referred to him mockingly as a small party member in Holland. Oduber was mad, and said that Holland must not think they can interfere with our affairs just like that.

At a certain moment, Oduber said that if Holland, supported by the USA, wishes to force Aruba into a certain direction, they should not forget that Venezuela and Chavez are right there.
...What Oduber meant by that is not clear to us but it is certainly a threat considering the relations between George Bush and Hugo Chavez. Such statements can never contribute to attract investors to the island, and can also harm the tourism industry.


blackhawk said...

Wow,Now that is a real intelligent statement...Like we have been saying all along this Govt and ALE must be corrupt to the max....hooking up with Chavez and Venezuela would be a complete death blow to tourism...POOF...Gone...So I guess this old grassroots boycott is having a real effect after all..Imagine that... This makes it pretty clear cut that ARUBA is not a SAFE place for US Citizens...BUT we have been saying that for quite awhile now...From their own lips they continue to destroy themselves and are doing a fantastic job of it to...thank you Prime Minister Oduber for your great help in exposing Aruba's true colors...When you speak America will listen and we will leave you and your island completely alone...you honestly don't care anyway and I think more people are realizing that now...BUT just think Mr. Oduber your happy lil island is imploding because you let ONE young woman,Natalee Ann Holloway be taken from her family and NO justice was even ALLOWED...thats it NO JUSTICE WAS EVEN ALLOWED!!
Well we all pay for our sins and Mr.Oduber you will pay for yours..Please hook up with Mr.chavez and complete the destruction of your island...We thank you kindly for your support and your arrogance and of course your threats....but let me remind you that a man in a gunfight better have more than a leaky squirt gun!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to dedicate this song by Roxette to Nelson Obuder..

It must of been blood, but it's chocolate now..

Anonymous said...

If Odugoober thinks Chavez is his buddy then there is some beachfront property in Arizona for him.

Anonymous said...

These are the signs of Joran Syndrome happening on the dying island. Prime Minister Nelson
Oduber has the body odors of death and decay. The New York Judge is torturing Aruba by not announcing her decision on the Civil Case sooner. This Civil Case is a de facto Criminal Case against the Government of Aruba and Joran. A serious background check is ordered by the Judge on Odubar, Joran and Joe Tacopina who have something to do with the International drugs and women trafficking. So far the intelligence data are implicating the Holland Kingdom Tripartite Mafia connections. The Joran Lies are going to blow Holland and Aruba out of water. The Netherland Antilles are the real criminals and drugs smugglers backstabbing the United States. Oduber befriends Venezuela and Hugo Chavez because of the grassroots boycott which is stangling the island's tourism economy. Such misdeeds are for blackmailing George Bush to stop the boycott and the New York Judge.Oduber thinks George Bush is on his side to defeat Natalee. The America will never forget Natalee even if George Bush don't like Natalee.

blackhawk said...

Today marks the day STEVE CROES was arrested for lying and trying to provide a alibi for people he claims NOT TO KNOW.....from what we can determine Steve Croes does'nt know anyone on Aruba...when ask if he knew himself he said I don't know Steve Croes and he is not a friend of mine...I just work and live on this island BUT I don't anybody or anything....We were thinking of putting him up for the worlds best liar but joran van der sloot beat him by quite a few votes....it seems joran might have quite a future in politics as we all know people who can lie so flagrantly and easily can really flourish in politics...No conscience or soul comes in handy to....Something tells me he could easily out perform Bill Clinton of the famed statement,"" I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN""... Well I just had to blow steam and I damn sure wanted to bring steve croes back in the mix...We ain't forgetting none of you guys...Ever!!

Anonymous said...

If Odubar of Aruba can bring down George Bush of America, other dictators will follow. Odubar is nurturing the New Hitler Joran of Caribbean. Watch out for the judge, if she dismissed the civil case, she might be bribed by JoeT, and who knows. All the Republicans are so corrupt, they had ruined our country. Everything is on the wrong track. This Bush Administration is the worst of the liar politicians in our history. Joran is a marked beast of 666, he is not going anywhere.

dennisintn said...

this must have been a meeting at one of holland's drug/coffee shops. sounds like he got into a little bit heavier stuff than just grass. wonder if jvds was there to advise him on his choice of drugs. although mostly jvds seems to specialize in date/rape drugs.

Anonymous said...

What Oduber meant by that is not clear to us but it is certainly a threat considering the relation between George Bush and Hugo Chavez. Such statements can never contribute to attract investors to this island, and can also harm the tourism industry.