June 16, 2006


Croes angry with Wever due to Dimas

ARUBA – Due to an incident that took place in the DINA-building last Friday, Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) is angry with his colleague Booshi Wever (Immigration, MEP). Croes says that a group of employees were told to leave the building immediately and not to return. They were body searched when they left.

Croes had sent Wever a letter in which he disapproves the action and asks questions about the ‘use of Gestapo methods’. Croes writes that some ex-DINA-employees that were not selected for working with the new Dimas
(Department for Integration, Policy and Admission of Aliens) were told by Gerrit van der Hemert that they must leave the building immediately. They were body searched and told not to ever set foot again in that building.

Croes disapproves this procedure and is even of the opinion that this procedure is liable to punishment. “This is not acceptable. I expect a public apology of Van der Hemert to all the ex-employees of DINA”, said Croes to Wever.

In his letter he asks Wever who this Gerrit van der Hemert is, who thinks that he can treat and body search Aruban citizens like this in their own country. Doesn’t he know that we also have rights that apply to everybody in Aruba?”

Croes also wonders whether Wever was aware of the plan to sent DINA-employees away and if Wever approves this. Croes wants to know who gave the order to send this group of people away and with what authority. The group of DINA-employees that were sent away includes close employees of Croes and some family members. Croes concludes his letter with “I find it hard to avoid the impression that, these people are being punished because they have supported me during the last elections. That is very bad.”

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