June 23, 2006


The Netherland's Family Friendly Zone...

AMSTERDAM- The conservatives (VVD) in the Amsterdam district De Wallen want this neighbourhood, famous for its red-light area, to become a key economic area.

VVD is urging setting up a holding, De Wallen NV, to develop the neighbourhood into a trendy and cultural zone. De Wallen is known for its sex industry, one of the major tourist attractions in the capital. But the area also houses a number of cultural and historic treasures, and contains the city's oldest monuments, the party observes. Although the district council executive has already given top priority to the promotion of the area, this does not go far enough, in the VVD's view.

Representatives of both the government and trade and industry would concentrate their efforts within De Wallen NV on restoring the economic infrastructure and improving the climate for living, working and recreation. For example, the holding can buy buildings to prevent dubious figures obtaining them.

The image of the area would also improve if other entertainment was offered besides sex and drugs, the VVD considers.

Editor's Note: Don't drink that water!
The canal that runs through the Red Light District comprises of:


blackhawk said...

LOL...Don't drink the water...better yet don't even go there!!

Anonymous said...

Joran drank that water and got AID. The pro Joran camp is very quiet on this, especially from Joe T. In the civil case Joran is compelled to testify and cannot take a medical excuse. The Judge is plugging all the loop holes, the "Red Light District" water problem has been considered and included in her ruling on next Wednesday.

Michelle said...

Duh...that was lame.