June 25, 2006


Rough translation by Sandy Levia-thanks!

Diario writes its lamentable and sad to have to report what has occurred. Usually these things have been known to apppen in Los Angeles or in Cancun but never here in Aruba! (Oh give me a break, Jossy...now that's just absurd.) Diaro reports that false police are going around which gives Aruba a very bad name in light of the tragic circumstances that has already occurred with the Natalee case.

A man speaking spanish and dressed in police blues stopped in front of a american tourist enjoying the breeze on the beach and told her she owed $500 for a fine. It does not say what the fine was for. When the tourist said she was not aware of commitiing anything she could be fined for as she had just arrived and she was unaware of what crime was committed to incur that fine.

The blue uniformed polis then spoke with someone on his cell phone, she believed him to be asking something about the fines. He then said to her, 'ok if you preform a sexual act in front of me we can then forget the fine, but you must do this.' The tourist ran to the hotel desk and asked for help in reporting what occured. While the desk person took down identification of guests and locals the woman also called the consulate to report the incident.

This put our polis and tourism in poor light and can only be useful in hampering tourism.


dennisintn said...

jossy did report it. big point in his favor. julia's rag will have credible witnesses that it was natalee in drag and really preferred the 500 dollars.

blackhawk said...

No big surprise really to me or you or any of us here...There is no law enforcement on Aruba...it is a joke...this to will be swept under their nasty Aruban carpet...There will be more incidents I'm sure...Hell were all sure of that...It is just a matter of time really...We can only continue to warn people that Aruba is not a safe happy island and the Govt. and ALE are totally ineffective and most likely corrupt as well...I pray that it won't come to another missing tourist before more people heed our warnings...I can assure people that the criminal element's on Aruba,"Love their happy criminal playground"'....BoyCott Aruba!!!

Anonymous said...

Aruba government keeps on lying about their tourists drop out rate in past two months. The ATA lost 45% of the room occupancies. They don't have the money to pay the police wages after paying PM Oduber's salary. Oduber said the police can ask the American tourists for "protection money."

Anonymous said...

Oduber said, "the police can ask the American tourists for "protection money."

This is truly sad and another reason why NO ONE should go to Aruba.

Oduber singleing American's out as if their greatest supporters in tourism don't matter. Another BIG reason to boycott Aruba.

Aruba is really cutting their nose off to spite themselves.
Good job!!!