June 15, 2006


Aruba to discuss Tourism Security? That's like asking a retard to read and comprehend "War and Peace".

Aruba Hosts Caribbean Tourism Security Conference

June 13, 2006--Groundbreaking Event Brings Together 11 Caribbean Nations & Over 100 Participants to Discuss Safety & Security in the Region The Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation (AH&SF) in joint venture with the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) and the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA), organized the first-ever Caribbean Tourism Security Conference (CTSC) at the Aruba Resort, Spa & Casino.

The groundbreaking conference, is being held June 7 through 9, 2006, includes a panel of renowned experts who will discuss various facets of the tourism security industry. Participation in the revolutionary event is strong with 11 Caribbean nations on hand and over 30 ministers and directors of tourism, general managers for island hotels and resorts, security officials and other related tourism executives in the region have attended.

Over 100 representatives from Aruba are also partaking in the conference. The key note speaker, Dr. Peter Tarlow, a world-renowned expert on the impact of crime and terrorism on tourism, is addressing the attendees and will speak about tourism security in todays hospitality industry. The esteemed panel and the topics they are discussing include:

- Mrs. Anne Gallenger - Marketing tourism security
- Mr. Carlos Villasana - How security fits into Caribbean tourism
- Mr. Aaron Richman - Tourism and terrorism
- Mr. David Shepard will speak on Media Crisis Management
- Mr. Murray Day - Event Security
- Mr. Mike Toddington - Air and seaport security
- Dr. Michael McDonald - Medical tourism
- Jan van Nes and Roland Peterson will discuss the AH&SF initiative

Most of our friends in the Caribbean region would agree that our economies depend on tourism. With safety a top priority on the minds of todays travelers, Aruba understands the need and the importance of a conference like this and is thrilled to be the first-ever host destination, said managing director for the Aruba Tourism Authority, Myrna Jansen.

Destinations that embrace and emphasize tourism security as a major concern and understand how to do so without sacrificing excellent customer service will continue to flourish in the constantly changing tourism climate. Safety & Security have long been a pillar of Arubas brand & Image. The fact that this conference is taking place on our island exemplifies the leadership weve taken with this regard.

The AH&SF, once again sets the example and we are proud to support their efforts. said CEO of the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, Jorge Pesquera. The Caribbean Tourism Security Conference is the first of what organizers hope will be an annual event.


dennisintn said...

aruba can flat out demonstrate how to NOT do it. and they have the empty hotel rooms to prove their point.

Anonymous said...

I just might travel to Aruba in the years ahead, and become a serial killer.

But don't worry,I will only kill bad people.I'll give you 1 guess as to who the bad people are.