June 06, 2006


For those who like to learn a new word everyday, today's word of the day is:


Definition: A petty, quibbling, unscrupulous lawyer.

Funny how quibbling means "to evade the truth or importance of an issue by raising trivial distinctions and objections."


Anonymous said...

Tacopina tried to use his mafia connections to influence the Judge's decision on the Civil Case. He got booted out of the Godfather's Brewery Club. The Gop.com is losing stream, people aren't going to vote Gop anymore. People are tired and sick of the Bush War and Big Oil Corruptions. They want to get rid of all the old timers and bring into some young and honest GOP blood into our government. Our current government is the most dishonest and corrupt in recent history, just as what's happening in the tiny Evil Empire Island Aruba right now. This Mid Term Election in NYC is going to change everything. No Surprise.

Anonymous said...

The rising mortgage interest rate and gas pump prices are surely going to kill Aruba in next month or two. The people in New York would rather stay home to enjoy the Joran and Joe Tacopina trial than going down to that dingy murderous island Aruba. Aruba is a dirty word people want to avoid. Aruba means perjury, very dangerous to your reputation on what your profession is. Joe T is the wrong guy got burned so badly by the Aruba Joran lies. No one trusts Joe any more. He just lost his Boston client. Too bad.

blackhawk said...

Pettifogger....lol...Sounds about right...Well I guess we are Antipettifoggers then... I just couldn't function in life as a person who would defend the likes of joran van der sloot...I just couldn't look at my face in the mirror when I shaved every morning...I see another sex offender who raped and murdered Tiffany Souers who was released EARLY....He got 30 years and was out in 16...And a young woman with a very bright future is used and destroyed for his sexual gratification...I wonder how that person or persons who aided his early release feel right now...I hold them partly responsible for this young woman's death...if he was not released she would be alive and well...I hear that our laws now call for serving at least 85 percent of your sentence..I say that is bullshit...you get 30..you serve 30...you get life..you do life...No breaks....you give them a break and innocent people die..that is the simple truth...This has got to stop...our law enforcement is pretty good but the judicial system and Dept.of Corrections is pretty damn bad and the parole and sex offenders is a joke...When I think of ALE all I see is pure corruption...Were not going away Aruba...Never...Natalee won't be forgotten...Never!!