June 14, 2006


Is Meri Done Writing About the Natalee Holloway Case?

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

This link came to me courtesy of Susan, the coordinator of Team Natalee and via a member named Richard Rogers. I wanted to credit them for bringing this to the attention of all who care about the Holloway case and all who want to see a boycott of Aruba go forth and be successful.

I have nothing new to write about this case and no new information that will make a difference in finding answers as to what happened to Natalee Holloway. This is a heart-breaking situation for her family and I wish that there was more that we could do to help them.

The only thing that can be done by those of you who want to stop Aruba and The Netherlands from prospering via Tourism on Aruba is to contact these individuals mentioned in the link and voice your displeasure with what they are planning to do.

If you have information as to why they should not make Aruba a tourist destination and you want to express your views, now would be the time to do that.

God bless Natalee and her family and all of the good people who have tried to support them through these long, painful months. Thank you to Richard and Susan for providing the above information.

I have become a weary warrior for the cause and feel impotent at my inability to do more so I wanted to bring this information out for people to see who would not normally receive it. I blog here on a regular basis so I am asking those who read my words and who may agree with what Michelle has tried to accomplish on this site through her hard work and determination to make a difference in this case and to respond to this obvious display of ignorance where Aruba is concerned.

A young girl disappeared over a year ago; she has not been found. The suspects are free to go about their business. The ALE is incompetent and there is most likely a cover-up in place regarding this investigation. The family of Natalee Holloway has worked relentlessly to keep her name in the public eye as have many others who blog, read, research and try to do whatever they can to help. The people who supplied this link are a good example of those who wish to help and they are to be commended.

Please write or call the contact numbers included in the above link...please try to make a difference.

Thank you all for reading and responding to my previous articles both here and elsewhere. Even to those who disagree...at least you have read and formed an opinion and showed an interest in this sad case. I wish I could do more...now it's up to others to carry the torch.. It's up to others who are in a better position than I am to find the answers.

I have no regrets about my involvement in the case (unimportant as it has been in the grand scheme of things). I am proud to have worked with Michelle and others and I have great respect for all that they have tried to do.

My prayers and thoughts will always be with Beth, Dave, Robin and their families and I hope that someday we will know the truth about Natalee. I hope that someday they will all find some peace of mind and the day comes very soon when they can get off of the rollercoaster that this case has become.

The cruelty that I have witnessed on the part of so many who claim to be seeking truth and investigating the facts is beyond comprehension and I hope that those who inflicted this pain on these innocent people and on this innocent girl are judged accordingly and that they pay the ultimate price for what they done and failed to do regarding Natalee Holloway and her family.

It is not for me to judge, but there is One who will...we have to have faith that when that judgment comes it will be some sort of retribution and that the punishment will fit the crime.

Thank you... Meri

(Editors Note: Meri will now be contributing to Michelle Says So on violent crime, sex crimes and criminal behavior. I'm not losing Meri...just a change in her excellent capacity.)


Anonymous said...

Meri stick around and don't give up. That's what they have been wishing and hoping for...for a year.. I think now is the time to type even more, to show we aren't going away. Power in numbers.

blackhawk said...

Thanks for all your work,Meri!!
I know it has helped me to keep on plugging...I just do the little things...At work it is something that is always discussed...Crime is a topic that is brought up and Natalee's case is always at the top...I do simple things like make up a poster featuring Natalee's picture and a brief description of this case and of course the way Aruba has handle it...I post them on bulletin boards in different work places...Super markets and Malls...Several college campus's and trust me the college women are happy to spread it around their campus...even laundry mats...anywhere their are bulletin boards or someplace to tape it...people here always say sure go ahead and put it up..no problem..it just may save a life...We can't save Natalee's life it is to late But maybe we can save others...The person or persons who committed this crime are still free on Aruba and or Holland...Aruba is not a safe place for our kids to visit and I will keep hammering that point until they find and punish those resposible....Its not in my nature to back off or quit and in the Natalee Holloway case I won't ever quit...NEVER! Punk cowards are running free...they will hurt another innocent again...We must keep up the heat!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Judge is playing the Hague Convention 60 days waiting period game by her legal advisement panel. On July 17, JQK has the right to call Joran and Paulus for deposition in NYC courtroom. We will see what happen. This Natalee Case is highly charged and political. If the Bush Administration do not side with Natalee, there will be a very serious consequence for the Mid Term election in NYC for the Republicans.

Mark said...

Meri, we'll miss your witty commentary here.