July 24, 2006


Pictures by Faith & Blonde

Before anyone passes judgment on the validity and quality of these pictures; the family are very interested in these pictures and were passed onto the FBI. There are ways for the FBI and other qualified individuals to determine what is inside that white bag.

It seems plausible to me that Joran, Deepak and Koen Gottenbos took Koen's father's boat out, placed Natalee in the bag, and dropped her in the water. The current moved her to the location where the "Chicago videos" were taken and where she was found and declared dead...then the subsequent infamous "recanting" of statements. Bring the visibility team in to "clean up", and send Natalee over to Yolanda Wever's brand new crematorium that Paulus helped her get through his government connections. She owed him a favor. "No body, no case".

I have mentioned this theory on several occasions, and I will mention it again to remind people and keep focus on other individuals that need to be pressed and pushed into a corner. When you have a conspiracy this big, someone has to crack at some point to save their own ass. They can't continue the charade for as long as we will be around to remind them.

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Anonymous said...

There were something left out in the cremation. Joran kept Natalee's Alabama driver license and her ear rings. Joran premeditated the books and movies and the famous quote "I will tell you the story someday". He will show the world he got Natalee after Judge Rik declared him innocent after two years time limit on this rape/murder case.