July 19, 2006


Ok writers, let's get the heat on this Indianapolis, Indiana distributor of this Aruban Product whose director just so happens to be LOUIS POSNER!?! Hmmm....any relation to good 'ol Mikey Posner?

Listen, we as consumers can buy ALOE anywhere. For christ sake, you can get an aloe plant and use your own aloe from the leaves! DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!

's National Pride In Stores Nearest You

ORANJESTAD-The first container packed with Aruba Aloe products that include lotion, sunscreen and shampoo is shipped to Indianapolis to be distributed in stores across the U.S. Since 1984 Aruba Aloe Balm NV has been exporting products to the U.S. where Americans can order the products from a catalogue and have the product at home within days. In the 1990's the www.arubaaloe.com site was launched which made order via the internet possible. The time has reached to bring Aruba Aloe to the next level according to
Louis Posner director of Aruba Aloe.

Aruba Aloe Balm Inc. signed a partnership with a large firm in the U.S. in what is now Aruba Aloe Balm of North America LLC based in Indianapolis. Aruba Aloe Balm of North America LLC will be in charge of distributing the Aruba Aloe products at stores across America.

This is good news for Americans who happen to like the products made by Aruba Aloe. Remarkable is the amount of Americans requesting to have other Aruba products exported to the U.S. such as Balashi Beer and even the island drinking water.

Posner is now one step closer in realizing his vision which is to make Aruba Aloe for Aruba what Coca Cola is for the U.S. and Heineken is for The Netherlands. (Posner, you think you are one step closer, but it will really be a few feet back, I promise...) Boxes packed with Aruba Aloe products ready to be placed in the container to be shipped to the distributor in Indianapolis.

Email: customerservice@arubaaloe.com

Phone: 1-800.95.ArubA (27822)

Mail: P.O. Box 501908, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Fax: 317.826.6382


Anonymous said...

Here's another company who promotes "Aruba." This is from the restaurant chain "Bahama Breeze." The chain is owned by the company who owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Smokey Bones. Get this: The have a beer called ARUBA RED. Of all names, they choose Aruba. There's even a Bahama Breeze located in Birmingham, Alabama.


Anonymous said...

The Aruba Aloe "Pride" is a big lie and a killer jamboba. The "Pride" only lasted a few seconds of erection on heavy doses. The prolonged use of Aruba Aloe can cause impotence on men and damage the kidneys. The soil of Aruba Aloe farm contains a high level of Asenic minerals due to the proximity near the old Lagao oil refinery incinerators.

dennisintn said...

if i see this in a local store, i'll complain to the manager, and the stuff will rot on the shelf before i buy it, even when it goes to 2 for a nickel.

Anonymous said...

In the Dollar Store you can buy 1 and get two three. The janiter said they make good toilet bowl cleaner. They are very acidic, can bleach your hair if leaving it on too long. It dissolves the iron and slime readily, but it smells like sperms, can only be allowed to apply in men's room. No ladies.