July 19, 2006


How much do you want to bet that this cocaine was "intercepted" and kept? Or sent to the Netherlands as FREE drug money. Is Aruba and The Netherland Antilles a form of modern day pirates for the exclusive use of The Netherlands??? Is it just that...take what they want, arrest, and then keep the "booty"?

Crew-members arrested after cocaine discovery

July 18, 2006, ARUBA – Customs of the port at Barcadera and the coastguard have intercepted 2 kilograms of cocaine yesterday. As a result of a tip, they searched a Columbian fishing boat. The Kata I entered the port early in the morning to unload a lading of fresh fish. The boat had four packages of cocaine hidden behind the wheelbox and each weighted 500 grams. All seven crewmembers were arrested.


dennisintn said...

these were probably freelancers not connected to the tame druggers that the "powers that be" get their cuts from. aruba probably feels they would lose a large percentage of tourists that can't do without their habits on the island. so of course drugs are just another profit center that the islanders can take advantage of.

Anonymous said...

Aruba has been tarred as a hell hole of sex and drugs. People are running scared. The career employment adviser on campus told a prospective student job candidate to black out the sentence of Aruba Fun in the hobby section of his resume. The evil image of Aruba would make him looks bad and suspicious and untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Or rather, there were 15 boxes, that became 12, then 10, then 8 and so on down to 4. 4 was just what we heard.