July 25, 2006


A Well Deserved Tribute

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Only a very few have been involved with the case of Natalee Holloway from the very beginning. I came into the picture a few months after Natalee disappeared so I am not an original. I have done my best to blog about the case to keep Natalee's name out in the public and along the way I have met and gotten to know a few people that I want to mention.

I am doing this because it's time and because they never toot their own horns or ask for anything in return for their devotion and hard work. Everyone deserves to be recognized when they give of themselves and I intend to do that in this article.

I'd like to begin with Michelle. As you all know, this is her site and she constantly updates it and puts hours of hard work into keeping it fresh. Her goal is to continue building a grassroots movement in order to keep Aruba in the minds of those who would otherwise look away from what has transpired on that Island.

Michelle is also someone I have not only met in person but who I have spoken with many, many times on the telephone and via email correspondence and I know her heart. Michelle is a VERY close friend and I am proud to be in her life. She seldom gets the recognition that some other blogs get and she NEVER pushes herself to the front of the line in order to achieve fame and media attention. Michelle simply cares about Natalee and her family and that's why she does what she does.

Susan Nagle is the coordinator of a Team of individuals who try to keep information flowing in order to help find the truth about what happened to Natalee Holloway. She was on Aruba when this all began and began a friendship with Art Wood almost immediately after Natalee disappeared. She was asked to help and she answered the call without any hesitation.

She works two jobs and has a life yet she never fails to keep everyone informed and as a result of this she has taken a lot of flack. There was a time when I didn't know Susan well and she and I clashed over many issues. I am not an easy person to deal with as I am VERY opinionated and outspoken yet in the long run Susan, heard me out, showed great patience and became a friend as well as a fellow team member.

The days of my fighting with Susan have passed and I am proud to know her and be her friend. I don't know of anyone outside of Patrick Hurley and myself who have taken as much heat as Susan has. I am sad to say that I have given her plenty of headaches as well as others and yet...she is still standing and still doing whatever she can to help Natalee's family.

I also want to take this opportunity to tell Susan publicly that I apologize for the times when I didn't trust her or believe in her and I want her and everyone to know that she has proven me 100% wrong. I have NO doubt in my mind as to Susan's motives and they are pure. I aspire to be as devoted as she is without getting anything in return. Not many people can do that and Susan should be commended. Thank you Suzie...you have become one of my heroes.

Patrick Hurley is an amazing writer, a wonderful human being and a dear friend. He will soon be known to all of you who haven't read his work on the UK site and when you do...you will want to read every word that he writes. Patrick cares about Natalee Holloway in such a deep and heartfelt way that it makes my efforts pale in comparison. Patrick is my mentor and although some accuse us of being the same person, we are not. I should be so lucky if that were true.

Frank D. (Deetch). His heart is huge and his writing bold and gutsy. He is determined to find answers and his blog is the first place that I ever read about the Holloway case. Frank is my friend and we have met in person. I will spare him anymore platitudes because he would be embarrassed and because he does what he does out of love and a deep need to see justice done.

Debbie of Blogs For Natalee. Debbie has devoted herself to giving people a place to gather to discuss, brainstorm and keep Natalee alive. Debbie is a quiet person who allows others to have their say and keeps order in a place where many of differing views come to share their thoughts. Her job is not easy yet she continues and asks for nothing. Debbie is also someone I consider a friend.

There are many more...lots of people who have done a great deal of research and writing to help bring closure to this case. Many who have taken their own personal time to seek justice. There are too many to name. There are those like Louis who pray and believe and keep the faith.

There are those like Linda S. and L.A. who work tirelessly to seek out information. There are those like Patty who write me with encouragement whenever I do a blog. There are two individuals who I won't name but are invaluable to Michelle who I admire more than I can say. I won't name them because of her status but C and DK knows who they are and what what they do. They are both an amazing asset. They all deserve to be commended and they are all amazing to me. I don't know all of them well and we have never met but I have seen a lot of devotion and caring this past year or so and it has been an enriching experience. Thank you to the people behind the scenes who have worked so hard.

Somewhere, Natalee knows who you are as well....


blackhawk said...

Well said!!
I can only applaud these dedicated and wonderful folks...God Bless You All!!

Anonymous said...

And I in turn am proud to call you FRIEND, Meri. Thank you for the kind words. You are an inspiration to me ... keep on keeping on.

I remain "A Voice for Natalee" and will keep fighting for the truth and that justice is served.