July 31, 2006


Here's another retro-rewind day. A recycled article with new comments that needs to be brought up again to the public.

As far as I'm concerned, this case is pretty much closed. When is the last time the prosecutor DID ANYTHING? When is the last time Aruban officials reported anything? Why did the ATA website shut down? Where did their "excuse" page go to? All those sites are gone. Well guess what...WE ARE NOT GONE. And we are not going anywhere.

Hold on Aruba, this is going to be quite a ride. One like you've never experienced before.

Oduber wants the discrepancies in the Holloway-case be investigated

Amigoe;--January 23, 2006— After the Holloway-case is closed, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) wants a thorough investigation be conducted on the course of everything that had to do with the investigation on the disappeared American teenager, especially the begin phase. (WHY NOT DO IT NOW???) He thinks that mistakes were made especially in this phase. “I have already spoken with the Court president, Louis de Lannooy and with former judge Bob Wit.” Oduber says that the investigation must reveal whether mistakes were made, so we can learn from them. (LEARN for what? What to do NEXT time some kid drugs, rapes and murders a tourist? Was this a practice for a better cover-up plan for future incidents? Don't forget to keep all your stories straight next time.)

Oduber’s statement is due to the Amigoe-comment of yesterday “Enough, this is it” of yesterday. “We have to figure out which mistakes were made and how to prevent these in the future. We have to come to standing agreements between the Public Prosecutor (OM) and the police on how to conduct an investigation and how to deal with the local as well as the international media in these cases. (So start doing it NOW. There is no better time than the present, Oduber.)

There is too much talk about the case and what is said, differs too much. The OM says one thing and the police say another. That confuses the Americans.” (Duh, talk about 14 months of confusion...Oduber you are talking out of both sides of your ass. You hate us (Americans) and Beth and her family and we all know it. Quit kissing ass, attempting to appease us by your little comments...we aren't appeased. And we aren't giving up.)

Oduber disputes the fact that he himself had recently approached a group to come look for the girl in Aruba. “I am sick and tired of the case. I do not talk about this case with people; not with the Attorney General, not with the OM. In the beginning I have discussed the matter with the American FBI, but I do not do that anymore. The OM and the Aruban police are doing the investigation and they have to try (Try? Try? What's that?) to conclude it right. I think that Aruba can do the investigation right herself, but if the OM and the police are of the opinion that they need assistance from abroad, they can get that. I am not the one to decide on that.” (Here's an analogy Aruba: when one is failing a class, one gets a tutor...maybe you should let the FBI in and finish this once and for all. However, with your track record, you don't want anyone hunting around your stinky little island, especially the FBI due to all the illegal and corrupt activities that go on everyday with a blind eye. Safest vacation spot MY ASS!)

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Anonymous said...

Oduber commited treason becasue he lied and caused the Aruban Tourism to failure miserably. He will not be allowed to be buried in St. Anne Cemetry along with his ancestors. His body will be incinearated and the ashes will be dusted over the California Light House as a reminder to the nation of his unbecomingly crime. Oduber is Aruba National Disgrace. It is the first time in 300 years the Arubans face starvation and destruction under the iron grip of the dictator Nelson Oduber. The whole world cannot understand why Oduber had lied to protect Joran at the sacrifice of the whole Dutch Aruban nation. The indigious Aruban race will soon vanish and extinct from the face of the Caribbean Sea. What a sad story!