July 26, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Who saw it? Who has it? Where is it? It has been denied by ALE, the Prosecutor and the FBI has the interrogation records as well. Why haven't they come out and stated that there was a confession? Is this a rumor, a myth or the truth? I am not willing to buy into rumors or supposed confessions or statements that I have no proof of.

I actually saw Joran's statement to the police that I referred to in my previous "Theories" article but I have NEVER seen this confession. It doesn't mean that it didn't happen but it also doesn't mean that it did. Who actually said, "Something bad happened"? Who reported that and what was their source? NO decent researcher or reporter will go to print without at least two to three GOOD and CREDIBLE sources.

The ALE has been known to spread false stories and unfortunately, a lot of things have come from the press on Aruba. Do you believe everything that you read in the papers? I don't and that goes for the Aruban media as well as the US media. Show me the proof that ANYONE confessed. Don't tell me that Jossy said it or Nancy said it or that Julia or Greta said it. That is simply not good enough. Show me the proof.

This case has manufactured some real urban legends as it progresses throughout our consciousness and that means that many REAL facts may have been over-looked. You CANNOT base an investigation or a story on rumor and myth and urban legend. SHOW ME THE PROOF. If we want this case to be solved and we want to help than we have to stick to the facts that we can prove and not to what someone else told someone else...the game of telephone.

Did Joran really confess? Did Deepak confess? Did anyone really say, "Something bad happened"???? Where did that come from...Dompig? Do you believe anything that he says....I DO NOT. I believe that we as individuals are no closer to knowing the truth right this minute than we were on the first day of June, 2005. I believe that because so many have lied and covered up.

Posting that someone confessed without documentation is like me telling you that I am POSITIVE of who killed Natalee and how they did it. I can't do that and neither can anyone else aside from those who harmed her and made her disappear. Let's stick with the facts that we do have and not what we have heard through the grape-vine. That is NOT helping anyone and is only adding confusion to an already messed up case.

We owe it to Natalee and her family to ONLY post what we really know and to state up front if we are speculating about something rather than able to prove it actually happened. SHOW ME THE PROOF and I will run with it. Joran lies, Deepak lies, Satish lies, Steve Croes lies, Gerald Dompig lies, Julia Renfro lies, Jossy may embellish or put out information that is speculative. ALE lies, EVERYONE has lied....EVERYONE who knows what happened. Joran would no more confess than I would.

He is the son of a legal professional, as shoddy as his Dad's career is, he is a trained lawyer and his son is no fool. Do you really think that during those nine days of freedom that Joran and the Kalpoe's weren't primed as to what to say and what not to say? Do you think that ALE beat and tortured Joran into making a confession? HA...I doubt that Joran suffered any discomfort at all while he was being held. Why would he have...his father has connections.

Perhaps one of the Kalpoe's (maybe Satish who seems younger than the rest of them maturity-wise), said "Something bad happened"...maybe he did and maybe he didn't. Where is the document that has that comment on it and why hasn't it been produced as other documents have? I am really tired of reading about confessions and comments that may or may not have taken place and may or may not be real.

Something bad DID happen to Natalee Holloway and I want to know the TRUTH of what that was. I want to know who, what, where and how. I believe that I already know the why but I want to know the absolute truth of that as well. Someone knows the truth and they aren't talking...they have NEVER told the real truth so we DO NOT know what that is.

Let's search for the truth and stick to what is real and what isn't. This may anger some of you but enough is enough. I am ONLY interested in knowing the truth. That is the ONLY way for Natalee to get the justice that she deserves and has been deprived of thus far. "The truth shall set you free", the rumors and myths will hold you captive.


Anonymous said...

How can one say she is dead? She may very well be alive, ask Steve Croes he was on boat watch that night and the boat was docked at the Holiday Inn. Ask Mike Posner! They all know how much money they can get for a girl as pretty as Natalee, was there not a Saudi Prince in Aruba shorty before Natalee got there. Come on how do you think these people work, this is no game to them ...they have been playing a mind game with the family. Another step deeper into the family! You have no way out of there control, if you hire some mercinaries you may find her, but without them we will never know. Remember Amy Bradley?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The FBI might have the info we all seek. But they never say anything. Why nothing about the Doctor Phil tapes.