July 26, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Patrick Hurley wrote that he believes that Deepak Kalpoe actually killed Natalee Holloway and that shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. We have been fed a steady diet of the "Joran did it" theory and that's as possible as the "Deepak did it" theory.

It's possible because Deepak admitted to a source of mine that he KNEW where Natalee had been stashed that night in May. How would he know if he hadn't of been there? As time went on, Deepak stopped talking and we are left with the lies that he did tell along with his younger brother, Joran and Steve Croes. Whether or not you agree or disagree with Pat's theory (and he had a lot of logic behind what he wrote), it is necessary to keep an open mind regarding ALL theories since we don't have definitive answers as to what really happened.

A good investigative writer has to look at everything and consider everything and that's what Pat did. I have also run through several scenarios as I have followed this case and some were pretty off the wall. I don't dismiss anything unless I have hard proof that they couldn't have happened. There is nothing to prove that Deepak didn't kill Natalee and there is a statement that the police took while interviewing Joran where he states that Deepak raped and buried Natalee.

Of course, that has been denied by all parties concerned but I saw it with my own eyes and spent countless hours trying to translate it since it was in Dutch. Yes, Joran could have been lying and there is no solid evidence that anything that Joran says is the truth but that statement exists and it is pretty damning. No matter what you believe or why...it is really important not to dismiss any possibility of what occurred that night. If we only focus on one person and one theory we will miss the big picture and possibly overlook something important.

Why was it Deepak who made up the big lie about the Security Guards...why did Steve Croes come forward to support that lie? Why has Deepak remained silent? You would think that an innocent man would want to take a polygraph test to clear his name...Deepak has not given any interviews or spoken out on his own behalf except through his lawyer who is paid to repeat the mantra that his client is not guilty of anything.

We know that's not true...at the very least, Deepak left Carlos & Charlie's with Natalee and at the very least he made up a huge lie about what happened that night. Why? He does know Steve Croes and he denies that also. After all that Joran said and did why why would Deepak remain so silent and continue to protect Joran? He wouldn't. There is no love lost between those two and the only reason that I can think of for Deepak to remain silent is because he is at least as involved as Joran is and he is aware of what took place with Natalee.

Whether or not he actually killed Natalee, he is still guilty of covering up what he knows and that means that Deepak Kalpoe did something illegal. Don't focus only on Joran van der Sloot...Natalee left that sleazy bar with THREE people and she never returned. Joran would do jail time if he had been at the scene of a crime and kept it secret. He would face jail time as an accessory to murder and Patrick is right about that. The only way that Joran could totally get off the hook, so to speak, is if he wasn't present at all when Natalee met her fate. I believe that Joran was there and whether he actually did the deed or watched it being done...he is in danger of going to jail if the truth comes out.

If you believe Joran then he was no where near Natalee when she actually disappeared and I simply don't believe that.. He KNOWS what happened to her and if he didn't make it happen himself than he knows who did. I am asking that all of you keep your minds open to ALL the possible scenarios and not to dismiss out of hand the possibility that Deepak may have harmed Natalee. He is just as likely a candidate as Joran is. Maybe more so because Natalee was attracted to Joran and didn't refuse to make out with him. I doubt that she would have agreed to hook up with Deepak so he would have more reason to force himself on her.

I am not saying that I am sure about anything and I am not saying conclusively that I know who did what to Natalee Holloway....but, I am willing to look at all the possibilities. Until we know the truth we can't dismiss anything.

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dennisintn said...

did deepak admit making up the h.i. story? jvds is the only person i remember attributing the lie to deepak. didn't mickey say deepak told him that the "family sat around the pool making up the story".