July 27, 2006


Holloway Matter Bad for Economy

24 July 2006 ORANJESTAD - the matter around the disappearance of the American tourist Natalee Holloway on Aruba has been very detrimental for the increa
se of tourism on the island. That puts the aruban Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Nilo Swaen.The year 2004 was a good year with regard to tourism and economic growth. Also in the years for that we know each year an increase.

The year 2005 and the first months of 2006 are what badly concerns the Minister. The aruban economy knew previous year an increase of 2.4 percent. Aruba lags behind with that considerable at the rest of the Caribbean area, where the economic activities increased, with 4.1 percent.

According to Swaen, Aruba has had to contend with the negative impact of the disappearance of Holloway. Tourists have stayed away out of fear. Ten suspected in the matter were apprehended, but have been all released. In America several recalls have been done a boycott of Aruba, including by the governor of the state Alabama, where Holloway was from.

Aruba draws
mainly American tourists for already thirty years. To spread out the economy the dangers for the future are Aruba in association with the World Bank busy at diversification. Tourism is only considered as of now as too uncertain.

Minister Swaen indicated that it is obtain income for a small island such as Aruba niettemin cumbersome also elsewhere from. "Aruba has mainly aimed many years' at tourism." As possible increase markets Swaen called education institutions and medical tourism. Swaen: "at medical tourism we can use of our strong tourism infrastructure."

Swaen said still hope of having that matter Holloway are solved. "from America and from the Netherlands it is worked still for the matter, therefore I have hope."

Loosely Translated by PearlinUSA from BFN. THANKS!


dennisintn said...

i thought jvds' "field trips" to the beach with a.l.e. were to find the body where he said deepak buried it. of course i have no proof of anything except the field trips themselves. maybe they were just outings to the donut shop or something.

Anonymous said...

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