July 27, 2006


What we know and what we have heard about Natalee Holloway's last night

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

We know that prior to going to Carlos & Charlie's, Natalee sat at a gaming table with Joran van der Sloot. We know that she saw him again at the nightclub and that he took a jelly shot off of her. We know that Natalee had been drinking on and off throughout that day and that she drank 150 proof alcohol that night. Alcohol is a DEPRESSANT and NOT a stimulant and that would have made Natalee sleepy and woozy at the very least.

It is a fact that if she had consumed enough alcohol, she would have had impaired judgment which could explain why she left with strangers rather than staying with her friends. It would also explain why she failed to listen to those friends when they asked her to get out of Deepak's car and go back to the hotel with them. We know that Natalee, Joran, Satish and Deepak (who was driving the car), left Carlos & Charlie's around the time that it was closing and that a white car was behind them that night.

From that point on ALL we know for sure is that Natalee never came back and no one has seen her since.
Here's what has become rumor and myth and may or may not be truthful and accurate:

  • Joran claims that Natalee asked to be taken to see sharks at the beach.
  • He states that they went to the beach and that Deepak and his brother dropped him and Natalee off.
  • Joran also states that before going to the beach they stopped in front of his house. They may or may not have gone into his private apartment at some point.
  • Joran claims that he and Natalee made out both in the back of Deepak's car and on the beach but that they did not have sexual relations because he had no condom.
  • He claims that he wanted to go home because he had school the next day but that Natalee didn't want to leave the beach and wanted Joran to stay with her.
  • We know that Joran claims to have called Deepak to come and pick him up and at first, he claimed that Deepak did.
  • When the computer and phone records showed that Deepak was home at the time he would have been picking up Joran the story was changed to indicate that Satish picked Joran up and took him home leaving Natalee alone on the beach. Both Deepak and Satish deny having picked Joran up that night.
  • We DO NOT know for sure how Joran got home or if Deepak and Satish were present on the beach when Natalee was there either with Joran or by herself.
  • We do not know if one of the Kalpoe's returned to that beach that night.
  • We know that stains were lifted from Deepak's car which contained a bleach substance and something that at first appeared to be blood. Later this was revised to be a bleach substance and chocolate.

I have a problem with this reading of the forensic evidence because if Deepak cleaned his car with bleach there would be no chocolate stains but there could be blood evidence left which luminal could detect when used by a qualified CSI.

What was that evidence? Where is it and who made the determination that it was not blood? Why did Deepak clean his car with bleach? Wouldn't there have been at least trace evidence containing Natalee's hair as it was long and blonde and everyone sheds hair all of the time. Why was there NO evidence of Natalee being in that car when even the three suspects admit that she was?

We have seen a picture from a video camera at the Casino that shows that possibly Paulus may have also been at that gaming table with Natalee and Joran. Was it Paulus and if it was, why did he lie about being there and seeing Natalee?

We know about the big lie that all three boys told and was Deepak's idea according to Joran and that Steve Croes (a supposed stranger to all three boys) substantiated, regarding two security guards and a drunk Natalee being dropped off at her hotel. Once that lie was exposed the story changed.

We know that the police searched for a pair of white shoes that Joran supposedly left behind on the beach. He admitted to having removed his shoes and leaving them there. Where are they? Joran claims that they were "old shoes" and that he didn't care about getting them back. Deepak states that they were only a month old and not old shoes.

We know that Joran spoke to Deepak via cell phone and that he messaged Deepak on his computer to say "Goodnight" after he supposedly left Natalee alone on the beach. Does a teenaged boy usually say "Goodnight" to his guy friend late at night after he's been with a girl?

Maybe only when he is trying to establish an alibi.

Deepak did not respond to Joran's message...where was he at that time? Was he asleep or back on the beach?
There have been witnesses who saw the following:

  • A body being removed from the trunk of a car and buried in the landfill.
  • A witness spotted the boys standing beside their car and one of them ducked out of sight when he passed them by. That was near the pond area which was also drained and searched.

There have been other witnesses as well and none of them proved to be credible and as a matter of fact, one of them was Chief Dompig's brother-in-law who was a druggie and a beach bum who claimed that he sold Natalee drugs.

Dompig states that Natalee was not murdered and that she died of an OD or alcohol poisoning. He claimed that she was buried and than re-buried. Also, a faulty and unprovable account and outright ridiculous when you consider Dompig's histor
y in this case and the fact that he went on a nationally broadcast television show and smirked his way through his story. Several other "Suspects" have been detained by the Aruban police and let go.

One was a boy called GVC and obviously his arrest was as a result of the fact that Dompig's son Michael was mad at him and ratted him out. The boy had a big mouth and bragged about his conquests but probably knew nothing about Natalee.

Guido Wever is a different case for me
because he DID know Joran and they did play tennis together the day after Natalee went missing. He may have been told something about what happened and was in bad shape when he was arrested.

He also left Aruba for
Holland soon after Natalee disappeared leaving his newly purchased car and his family behind.The rumor is that he actually wet himself when they picked him up for questioning. Guido is gay and they dismissed him as someone who would not have sexually assaulted Natalee or any other girl. Does that also mean that he could not have helped harm her or get rid of her? I guess that if you are gay you are not capable of participating in a crime where a female is concerned? More rumor and more speculation.

Steve Croes is the most interesting "suspect" of all after the three boys. He
seems to appear almost everywhere and claims to have no knowledge of anything or anyone. He makes up lies and owns a boat and shows up all over the Island of Aruba at the oddest times. He poses for pictures with anyone who wants one and obviously considers himself some kind of celebrity.

What does Steve know and how involved is
he with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? I suspect (and it is ONLY a suspicion and NOT a fact), that Steve Croes knows a LOT. There is more..so much more that we have all heard, seen or read but none of it leads us to the answers we seek.

We are back to the beginning...Natalee met Joran, danced with Joran, drank alcohol and left a bar with Joran, Deepak and Satish. She was never seen alive again. The rumors could fill a book but the facts couldn't even fill a chapter because they are so sparse.

The family of Natalee Holloway obviously has more information than most of us do and Dave has written about what he knows. It still doesn't tell us exactly what happened to Natalee and where she is.
Beth and Dave are still trying to get the truth out of a whole bunch of liars and that's the saddest part of this whole thing. They don't know what happened to their daughter and that not knowing is making this horrible situation even worse for them. They have pictures in their minds of Natalee being attacked, hurt, alone and frightened.

They have memories of a beautiful young girl in her prime that can no longer hug them or speak to them or run to them with exciting news of college days. They will not attend her wedding or hold her children...how much worse must this be for them not even knowing where she is or if she suffered? It's unimaginable and too painful to even contemplate. What we know is not enough to ease their pain and what we hear is not necessarily true or helpful to them.


dennisintn said...

i have yet to hear anyone credible say that natalee did belly shots. a picture of natalee and friend taken at l0:30 that night does not look like either of them have been drinking at all much less drinking all day. natalee sat 2 girls away from jvds at the casino table. then he shows up at c&c's at ll:30 that night and she's dragging him off to do belly shots and dancing with him, begging him to take her off into the night alone? horse apples by the carload.

Anonymous said...

Dennis it has been documented that Natalee's friends verified her drinking and belly shots. They also said that Natalee refused to go back to the hotel with them. If you don't like what THEY have to say or you don't believe them, take it up with them. They were her best friends and they were THERE.

Anonymous said...

Loads of lies in Aruba caused the poor services in Aruba hotels. The recycled the leftover foods in the hotels and spit on the drinks bought by the American tourists, making people feel so sick and ill. They pissed to the spa pool with malice, people smell Joran urine there. The funs that Aruba claim to have is demeaning the American tourists and rub them in the broad daylight. Aruba is a lawless dungeon just like Somalia, they will kill you, bury you alive and burn you down. I wouldn't fly the JetBlue to Aruba, I will get trashed and crashed, and get murdered on the beach behind my back. It's no fun gambling in Excelsior Casino when the Arubans like Paulus and Dompig kept back stabbing you and bled you to dead. You wouldn't want to jump to Aruba, Las Vegas is a much more safe and fun playground for the whole family. Nobody wants Aruba, it is a decaying dump and landfill. The tourism is down by 77% by now, they are desperate. The only salvation to the Arubans is for them to jail Joran and lock him away for good, let him rotten in jail for the world to see. Then the American tourists will feel the dignity and come back to the island to enjoy the white beach again. The white Marriot beach feels so dirty, filthy and dangerous now, many of the Marriot timeshare owners are not renewing the leases, and giving up on their investments. Somebody pooed on the carpets and vandalized all the toilets, shits are everywhere in the timeshares and the walls!

dennisintn said...

where are the documents? i can go to several places on the internet to hear unfounded lies about natalee and beth, but i never hear them from people willing to stick their real name and faces to them. whether natalee did belly shots or not is immaterial to me. what matters is that until l0:30 that night and nobody knows how much later, natalee wasn't doing, and hadn't been doing anything unusual or reckless. then all of a sudden, sometime after ll:30 that night, she loses control of her senses and supposedly does things she wouldn't normally do. including, as anita herself said, getting in the car with 3 strange boys. what happened between l0:30 and ll:30 to cause such a supposed change in her personality. daterape drugs come to mind to me, especially since jvds' friends at school told reporters that he had been bragging about the use of them. of course, that was before the paulus shutdown of anything negative being said about him.