July 30, 2006


If Government Does Not Reduce Expenses
Economy of Aruba Will Come to a Halt on the Long Run

If the government does not wish for Aruba’s economy to come to a halt it is up to the government to do something about it, amongst others with its expenses. Government expenses must be reduced and so far there is no indication that the government has any intentions to do so. The deficit and the budget must also be reduced even though the 2006 budget is not yet completed.

Many will ask: How can the economy come to a halt? This is because what the government is presently doing is reducing the purchasing power of each citizen, import duties were increased which makes all products more expensive and consequently the consumer will buy less.

Because the people will buy less the government will receive less revenue and also less will be imported. Consequently, we will land in a vicious circle. At the same time, there is too much money in circulation that the Central Bank which is to curb, and that it will have to continue doing there is a balance and that may take many years. Presently the Central Bank has limited credit possibilities. This in turn also brings the economy to a halt.

Thus, there are various factors that may bring our economy to a halt; an economy that will actually cool off and consequently there is less export of money, this may bring more inflation as a result of the present situation.


Anonymous said...

Joran, listen, don't come to the NYC Civil Trial. It's not worth it. You already got the book deal money, pay Joe T's legal fee and get disappeared in Aruba, you will be alright. Don't be driven by your greed for the new billions dollar book offers and movies deal. Just remind you the "Under Oath" is the lie detector in the American courts, you certainly cannot defend your "beach story" inconsistencies. JQK will ask you about how you got home from the beach after 3:30 am.

dennisintn said...

the aruban govt. response to this problem will be typically aruban. exactly the same kind of thinking we've seen for the last l4 months. they will shut down the natalee holloway investigation because "it's a drain on island resources", and hire a new advertising campaign firm and spend more millions to explain to the world why it was necessary to boost the island's tourist economy and one little tourist girl didn't matter anyway and her family just needs to go home, shut up and get over it. meantime, nothing will change to protect tourists and ensure that nothing like what happened to natalee ever happens again, except to put a few more empty uniforms on the beach to do nothing just like the ones there now do, except for hitting on the tourist girls. hotel complexes and casinos, and bars will continue to be the "happy hunting grounds" for predators and drug dealers just like they are now. tourist girls and women will continue to be drugged, raped, and left helpless or dead on the beaches and as long as they can continue to intimidate those that do complain, or convince the families that their loved ones walked to venezuela, things will continue just as they are.