August 25, 2006


This article reminds me of that movie cult classic movie "Heathers". Where everyone thought it was cool to commit suicide. HA HA. Remember the lame song in the movie, "Teenage suicide, don't do it! Teenage suicide, you blew it!" I love how Darwin's theory works sometimes. Stupid dutch idiots.

Dutch teens urge each other to commit suicide

(Source)--Macabre SMSs (I have no idea what a SMSs is...text messaging maybe?) among a group of a dozen Dutch girls egging each other on to commit suicide have provided a new twist to the well-documented dangers of modern, instant-communication technology for the young.

The revelation by a local newspaper that the group of 12- to 15-year-olds had been SMSing each other on their phones and computers for months earlier this year has provoked a flood of soul-searching in The Netherlands, a country that is by now inured to reports of internet sexual grooming and blackmail.

The police were alerted and a team of social workers has been working with the girls, one of whom has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic. The bizarre network grew up following the suicide last March of a girl at a school in Enschede, a city in the north-eastern province of Overijssel on the German border. Four of her friends had "driven each other completely crazy", school psychologist Frank Rijnders told the Tubantia newspaper, which agreed not to go to press with the tale until the summer holidays were well under way. "Who dares to?" was a repeated SMS.

Staff at the school -- the Stedelijke Lyceum -- spoke of a "suicide virus" that they feared would spread to others once the news broke. One 14-year-old girl told the national press she had joined in, believing it was a joke. "OK, then I will too," she responded, saying she had done so "for kicks". When asked when and how she planned to kill herself, the girl broke off the conversation that day but, fascinated, returned to the chat group the next day.

"I realised that many of the girls had problems at home, but I didn't. It got really scary, so that I told my parents, who told the school," the 14-year-old said.

Hermann van Engeland, who lectures in child psychiatry at Utrecht University's medical centre, says suicide and talking about it somehow raise status among the young. "We don't know why," he says, but he thinks it is much like a game of dare.

Commentators have pointed to an 18th-century parallel, when the publication of German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, whose hero commits suicide following a disappointment in love, led to a string of youthful suicides.

The internet has replaced the romantic novel and the lovelorn letter, and as a Dutch foundation that works with those at risk of suicide has noted, it also provides information on how to commit suicide. Erik Jan de Wilde, who heads the youth research department of the Social Health Service (GGD) in Rotterdam, says it is well documented that "one suicide increases the risk of another" within a secondary school. Schools run specific programmes to demystify suicide and counter the romantic aura that surrounds it for some youngsters.

But he echoes the 14-year-old who brought the messages to light: "It is never girls that are otherwise happy within themselves. There is always something else going on -- feelings of helplessness, hopelessness. The bucket is full and then something apparently trivial -- a fight, a boyfriend who ends a relationship -- can be the last drop."

The experts agree the problem is not new. Adolescents have always been prone to strong feelings and to radical action, but modern technology allows a situation to get out of hand more quickly. There is no measured sealing of an envelope and long walk to the post box, during which the writer might have time to reflect. And the response comes in two minutes, rather than two days, allowing the cycle to begin again almost immediately. -- Sapa-dpa


Anonymous said...

Michelle... I have to say I am profoundly disppointed in you. I doubt you'll post this comment because... Michelle... you've really stooped beyond anything I would have ever expected.

You have just published an article that you titled "AAHH...YES, CLEARING THE NASTY DUTCH GENE POOL"

The article is a real story about real teenagers in the Netherlands caught up in a horrible, scary thing involving real suicide pacts.

You have nestled this article... with your deplorable title... amongst beautiful heartfelt articles about how precious children are... how it could be our child who needs protection someday. How wonderfully inspiring... and tremendously on target...

But... Michelle, as a poster on BFN likes to say THIS IS NOT ABOUT GEOGRAPHY. Those upcoming suicides in the Netherlands are CHILDREN. THEY matter too. It is unforgiveable that you would dismiss THOSE kids' suicides with a flippant "AAHH...YES, CLEARING THE NASTY DUTCH GENE POOL."

I cannot imagine your motivation, but any heart that could so coldly convict any children in an effort to support the loss of another's child... our Natalee... is simply beyond anything that can be condoned within any religion, by any nation and yes... on any blog.

Michelle said...

One, I posted it because this is a war...this is personal. It's between the Arubans, The Netherlands and US. I have never minced words regarding my feelings regarding anything on this blog.

Second, do you really think I'm that horrible of a person to hope someone would kill themselves? My title and beginning little ditty was mostly "dark satire" so I could rip on the dutch. Yeah, I hit below the belt, but that's my odd sense of humor...

Rammstein said...

My countrymen (including my brother in law who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan) weren't aware we were in a war with the US when they were risking their lives to help protect the US and the world from terror. In fact we are standing with the US in "the war". This is not a war, you might feel that but that is your problem.

"The dutch" have nothing to do with this case except that the main suspect was born 18 years ago in the Netherlands but he has been living on Aruba for most of his life. Be angry with Aruba see if I care but your views of the dutch are what makes this site part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Then Kill Joran, the cookoo over the pestland. Arrest Joran and put him behind bars. We will settle the scores. You ducjie cowards!