August 25, 2006


ARUBA – The Netherlands will soon send constables to Aruba to investigate the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The Netherlands does this at her own expense. The Corps National Police Service in the Netherlands (KLPD) is going to help Aruba with the Holloway-case. They do this upon request of Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP). Croes has also asked Interpol to thoroughly examine the file.

Holloway disappeared more than a year ago during a school trip. The authorities have worked on that case since then, without finding any trace of the girl. Minister Croes has sent a letter to The Hague a week ago requesting assistance. He hopes that with police assistance from the Netherlands, the case will be solved faster.

“Aruba sympathizes with the parents and close family of the girl, despite the negative campaign against the island”, writes Croes in the letter. The request went to minister Johan Remkes (VVD) of Home Affairs and the minister of Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicolai (VVD). As a result of the request, the KLPD will get full leadership of the investigation.

Police officers of the Dutch corps will come to Aruba especially for the investigation. The Netherlands will also pay for the accommodation expenses of these officers in Aruba and also the expenses for the commitment. They will also get a location of their own, out of which they can work on the case. The police officers are allowed to carry a gun and use it and they get power of criminal investigation. They will also get access to relevant information from the Holloway-file and all the information system.

Minister Croes promised in his letter that the Dutch officers will get full cooperation of the investigation authorities and the government. Croes has also formally requested the Interpol to investigate the file for irregularities. “Upon request of the attorney general, Interpol had meanwhile tried to get the not yet released data by the FBI (the American federal police, editor)”, mentioned the minister in the letter.

The Public Prosecutor confirmed being aware of the request, but emphasized that it didn’t come from attorney general Theresa Croes–Fernandez Pedra, but from the Justice-minister himself. He had asked Interpol for assistance in July, when he visited the headquarters of the international police organization in Lyon, France.

The OM is also aware of the cooperation between the corpses from the Netherlands and Aruba and mentioned that this was done on police level and that the OM had not made the request. “The criminal investigation in the Holloway-case is still open. If the Dutch police can help, they are more than welcome to do so”, said Mariaine Croes.


Anonymous said...

I vote for more BS. Tourism is down. So they must look like they are doing something.

dennisintn said...

i vote for horse apples. that makes it l vote for bs, l vote for horse apples, and 0 votes for an honest investigation.

Libby said...


I’m sorry…I don’t mean to always be negative….but whatever!!!!!!!! They aren’t going to do shit! They don’t care about Natalee or her family. They don’t care about tourism either. If they cared about any of that, they would have done something 15 months ago. They would not have allowed lie after lie after lie from Joran and his cronies. They would have searched the Vandersloot property. They would not have insulted our intelligence with the cleaning fluid - chocoate lies etc. They would have never allowed all evidence to be destroyed. They would not have allowed the wild goose chase they led the family on with their pretend searches. They would never have arrested innocent people. They would have arrested the guilty parites and charged them regardless of their status in the community. I don’t trust the Netherlands and I don’t trust Aruba.

Anonymous said...

I think Rudy Whats His Name and the rest of the Aruban Clowns need to stop calling Natalee "The Girl". Her name is Natalee Ann Holloway you disrepectful Swine.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be on Aruba are holding their breath now. They are hoping that they have succeeded in doing away with all the evidence. But who's to say that the Netherlands are not there solely for show?
I think I have to make that 2 for BS, 1 for horse apples and 0 for the investigation.
I wish us luck.......chris

Anonymous said...

I agree libby. They aren't gonna do shit. Cast a vote for BS

Anonymous said...

I watched Josey shoveling shit again today about the Dutch coming to aruba. I beleive they are about a year late on this one. Is this the same Josey that spoke last year on how aruba screwed everything up? I didn't realize taco joe had scared him that much with all the threats of sueing everyone!!!What a wimp

Justice for Natalee, Boycott Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Taco Joe 'scare' Jossy?

Now that's a funny joke!

If Jossy is shoveling sh$t -- per the poster above -- it's because in Aruba you have to shovel the sh$t until you can get to the truth.

Ummmm -where's taco joe been lately? Oh yeah -- he's the pile of sh$t. lol

Go Jossy
Boycott Aruba
Justice for Natalee