August 24, 2006


Cab drivers feel the falling-off of the number of tourists directly in their wallet.

ARUBA – 52.050 Tourists visited Aruba in May. That is 6.73 percent less than last year. The decrease was 10.64 percent for the first five months of this year. The United States are still good for more than 74 percent of the total number of visitors, despite an above- average decrease in May and the first five months of this year.

The May statistics published by the Aruba Tourism Authority show that tourists from Great Britain increased and that the KLM has transported 20 percent less passengers to Aruba. 39.000 American tourists visited Aruba, which is 6.99 percent less than last year. 215.000 American tourists visited the island in the first five months of this year; 13.9 percent less than in 2005. 2.863 Tourists from the Netherlands visited Aruba in May of this year; 9.2 percent less than last year.

Compared with May of 2005, 22.97 percent less tourists from Venezuela came to Aruba in May this year. The top three countries with tourists that visited Aruba in May of this year are first the United States, second the Netherlands, and third Venezuela.

The increase/decrease percentages of tourists per country (not mentioned above) in May and for the first five months of this year are: Canada, 10.32 decrease in May and 2.11 increase in the first five months; Great Britain, 81.12 increase and also an increase in the first five months; Curacao, 13.59 decrease in May; Brazil, a decrease in May and 16.01 increase in the first five months; Argentina, 12.44 increase in May and 54.43 percent increase in the first five months; Germany, 1.41 increase in May and 11.58 percent decrease in the first five months.

Passengers transported from the United States to Aruba in May 2006 compared with May 2005: American Airlines, 1.86 percent more; US Airways, 17.72 percent less; Delta Airlines, 17.35 percent less; Continental Airlines, more; United Airlines, 8.22 percent more. Avianca transported 18.47 percent more passengers in the first five months of 2006 from Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil to Aruba.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Early on in the last November, one blogger from Holland reported that Joran showed Natalee's Alabama driver license to the people in the nightclub bar to prove that he was not a liar. He was with Natalee all the time til the end. Joran also shown Dompig a clip of Natalee's sex video when Dompig was in Holland looking at the corpse dogs.

Anonymous said...

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dennisintn said...

these tourism figures are from the aruban tourism authority. they are unbelievably optimistic when compared to the bank of aruba figures which will come later. jossy said a week or so ago that tourism was down 20-25% from previous years. i don't know the source of his figures.

Anonymous said...

That's good to hear. 20-25% works for me. But we can do better.

Auntiem said...

The poster above re Dutch and terrorists is right on. Twelve suspected terrorists in Britain are in jail facing prosecution, for "planning" terrorism on US aircrafts. God bless the Brits and the brillance of Scotland Yard!! While pilot FLYING from Holland to India, calls for fighter pilots as he fears terrorism, twelve Muslims are using cell phones during take off. What do the Dutch police do? Let the 12 go!! Idiots, the Dutch are. Idiots with a death wish!

Auntim said...

Natalee's drivers license and a video with Natalee in it? Where are these things? I am surprised that Joe Mammana's private detectives have not been able to uncover these things and more as they have been working over there since the very beginning.