August 16, 2006


Marketing most embarrasing moment: looks like the Netherland Antilles is trying to recoup some of their losses by featuring Curacao as the new place to be. Sorry to inform you...same problems, different island.

Tourism turns over 270 millions

CURACAO – The tourism has turned over about 270 million guilders in the first six months of this year, said Clifton WallĂ© of tourist office CTB yesterday. The sojourn-tourism grew with 5 percent in that period.

WallĂ© emphasizes the important of this sector for the economy of Curacao. “The tourism is improving.” Other than the 5 percent growth, the number of nights spent in the first six months of this year increased with 7.7 percent. This is attributed to more Americans and Europeans spending vacation in Curacao. These groups stay longer on the island than the South Americans; besides, the number of visitors from that part of the continent has decreased considerably.

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Anonymous said...

Don't go to Bonaire either. Same problems with the other re: crime and bogus LE. They think they have the best diving in the world and call themselves 'Divers Paradise' but it is way overrated. Yea its all intended for you to spend alot of $$$ to get there and have to spend even more $$$.