August 16, 2006


Doesn't this just make you SICK to your stomach? Natalee is nowhere to be found and Joran has the nerve to go out drinking and singing karaoke. Drinking, partying and lord knows what else hasn't changed for Joran one bit. Paulus and Anita, still proud of your "good" son???


matthew said...

I have a son Joran's age and he does the same thing with his friends. It's called being a teenager and hanging out with your friends. Nothing unusual, typical age appropriate behavior.

blackhawk said...

This picture makes me sick to my very soul!!
Your time is coming sloot....There will be justice for Natalee!
What was that statement you had on your blog ""Oh,and don't worry about the girl,girls come and they go"" Trust me sloot on this,Natalee Ann Holloway will NEVER be gone when it pertains to YOU!! She will forever more be the GIRL that disappeared while under your PROTECTION...All we get from you are LIES and excuses and a Govt that is aiding in a coverup...Aruba,what a foul place!
Boycott Aruba!!

Anonymous said...

Like nothing ever happened. It's quite pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Your right it is called being a teenager. So why are so many people down on Natalee Ann Holloway for being a teenager, by blaming her for her misfortune, and letting the Kalpoes and the Sloots off the hook. i.e. Charles Croes, "She's not worth it".

As for being a teenager, did your son leave a young lady on the beach and she disappeared never to be heard from again? Sir, I think Joran's actions go far beyond being a teenager. The young creep is demented and abnormal.

Anonymous said...

OJ Simpson, Robert Blake and Michael Jackson went on with their lives so it only figures Joran would too. I am sure most Americans who may cross paths with Joran in person would feel the same contempt as they do for OJ, Jackson and Blake.

Unfortunately life isn't fair sometimes but we have no control over it and we just take it day by day.