August 15, 2006


August 11, 2006--The Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) reported results for April-June 2006: a total of 4.7% less passengers than the corresponding period in 2005. Aircraft movements were up however, with 10.8% compared to the second quarter of 2005. AAA welcomed more private planes. AAA is pleased with JetBlue's announcement regarding new daily non-stop service from JFK to AUA as of September 15th, 2006. This will increase capacity to Aruba from several key cities out of the United States as of this fall.



blackhawk said...

Aruba, you will continue to see a downward spiral...Why would anyone believe any numbers you put out...Can you give any recent numbers on your crimes...drugs...murder...rape...robberies...oh I forgot there are NO murders on Aruba only suicides...Have you actually charged someone with a crime and CONVICTED them!! Boycott Aruba!!
Justice For Natalee Ann Holloway!!

Anonymous said...

That might not happen. Aruba is on the terrorists list. The modified cellphones and illicit drugs etc. May be some Dutches who go there to round up some shemales. No American tourists go there. Aruba is bad everywhere. Nobody wants to talk about it. Aruba owns the bank lots of money, their debt is skyrocketing. Their tourism is shot. Their hotel services are really bad, people keep complaining about it. Too many beggers on the street. Some dead dogs and rats laying on the pond. Sounds the whole place is abandonned.

Anonymous said... let Jet Blue know how you feel about them supporting this country