August 08, 2006


Gogo comes with 600 travel agents

ARUBA---From October 12th till the 17th, the American tour operator Gogo comes to Aruba with 600 travel agents. For one week, the travel agents will explore the island, inspect hotels, and participate in several activities during the annual Learning Conference that takes place in the Renaissance Convention Center. After the conference, they should be able to promote Aruba even better as vacation destination. (How will they possibly do that after WE get a hold of them?!)

To Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) and Aruba Hotel And Tourism Association (Ahata), this conference is very important for Aruba. ATA-director Myrna Jansen considers it as an important indication, when Gogo chooses to have her annual conference in Aruba. October is low season and the arrival of a big group of business tourists is very good for Aruba. ATA and Ahata really appreciate Gogos choice to come to Aruba and organize therefore a diner and entertainment night for the travel agents. Gogo takes care of the rest of the program.

ATA-spokesperson Amayra Boekhoudt says that the conference offers businesses in Aruba many possibilities to promote the product Aruba. The 600 participants come to Aruba with American Airlines and stay for four nights in the Renaissance. There will be a trade show, where businesses in the entire Caribbean can present themselves. The travel agents will be introduced to everything they can sell to their customers. Boekhoudt indicated that Aruba is not a new destination for all the 600 travel agents. Some have already been in Aruba before.

Gogo Worldwide Vacations was founded in 1951. They invented the vacation package, where customers pay one amount for the airline ticket, hotel, and transportation. Gogo is one of the biggest American tour operators and work with more than 18.000 travel agents all over the United States.

Gogos position is that the individual travel agent is valuable when selling trips. They have to experience for themselves what they can offer their customers. This makes it easier for them when they sell vacation packages. Gogo sells vacation packages for the Caribbean, Europe, South America, and Hawaii. Gogo represents amongst others, Club Med, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton and has also exclusive contracts with big airline companies.

Gogo is a sister company of Liberty Travel, Inc.

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President and CEO: Gilbert Haroche

CFO: Allen Lindstrom

EVP: Sales Cathy Pelaez

Top competitors of Liberty Travel, Inc.:

  • American Express
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  • Carlson Wagonlit


Anonymous said...

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICES on GOGO Aruba Tour. All the guest tourists operators be advised of the recent tourist robberies occured on the Mariott beach ignored by ALE. DANGER and WARNING signs posted on the beach sand dumps means you risk bodily harm and possible loss of life by the Fisherman's huts and C&C. You are demanded to pay special attention to the sex predator murderer Joran roaming along the waterline looking for blonde preys. If you lost or damaged your American passport, you will be treated as an intruder illegal immigrant. ALE will arrest you and put you in KIA prison. All the 600 guest tourist operstors are advised to apply and carry a second Dutch passport just in case. The ALE are very scared of the white Dutch, they will let you go without harm and disappearance. Joran the Rapist is the only rum beach bum who has a whitepaper Dutch passport that makes him prison immunity on the Aruba scum hotels.

Anonymous said...

As always- or or I only include this one because someone might care to write her?? or or or or 0r about them playing festival in Aruba. or for Nancy Grace As usual ask for coverage