August 10, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Have any of you heard of a woman named Jill Carroll? I am betting that you have. She was the woman who worked for The Christian Science Monitor and was taken hostage in Iraq a few months back. ALL of the major news networks and ALL of the media covered this story. They showed tapes that Jill had been forced to make at the behest of her captors, covered her background and followed the story thoroughly until the day that she was eventually released from captivity.

They announced that she is now writing a book about her ordeal and that the men who held her captive have been arrested. I watched the coverage of what had happened to her on a daily and nightly basis and not even a day went by that she was not mentioned in any news broadcast during her ordeal and beyond.

I bring all of this up because of a horrible and distorted article that I read and am going to post here for all of you to see. After you read the article and if you come to the same conclusion that I did; that Timothy Sexton is flat out lying and distorting the truth I would ask you to take down the name of his paper and write to him and them to protest his biased and inaccurate reporting.

His remarks about the Holloway case and about Natalee are unforgivable and he should be aware of how people feel. The press has an obligation to cover current events in as fair a manner as possible and they should NOT distort the facts or make up lies. Of course, they do and that is unfortunate, but it should not be allowed to go unnoticed. Here is the link to the article in question:

Four Iraqi men have been arrested for the kidnapping of Jill Carroll. Jill Carroll, a journalist for the Christian Science Monitor, was kidnapped and her photographer shot to death in Baghdad in January. Jill Carroll remained a hostage until she was released in early April.

If this story doesn't strike a nerve in your memory, it may be because it was only covered by the major American news networks when there was a temporary lull in the far more important and far-ranging case of the supposed murder of Natalee Holloway. Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams and the entire crew of Fox News became obsessed with the missing person case of the slightly attractive, but blond Natalee Holloway and managed to find several hours each day to devote to her story, regardless of whether any movement forward in the investigation had actually taken place or not.

Meanwhile, a young woman who wasn't interested in partying at bars with strange foreign men, but who actually wanted to present a picture of an enemy that was completely at odds with the widespread sweeping indictment of a culture that we are used to being presented by the media was virtually ignored unless a videotape of men pointing guns at her while she cried happened to be released.I thought it important to released the news that her alleged kidnappers had been captured. You probably won't hear it on CNN, MSNBC or Fox tonight.

I hear a straw that was allegedly dropped in the same city that Natalee Holloway disappeared in was found on a garbage barge floating off the coast of Costa Rica. Well, at least we know what Nancy Grace will be covering for the next week. (source)

If it angers you as much as it angered something about it and let him and his paper know how you feel. Here is another link to the comments page sent to Mr. Sexton. It is very telling. (link)

If his goal was to draw attention to his inability to report news accurately and his apparent lack of skills as a journalist he certainly succeeded.

Do you want to voice your opinion to this idiot?
Click here for his contact info.


blackhawk said...

Wow, This person appears to be a complete fool!!

It is my personal feeling that he is looking for hits on his blog or whatever... I noticed he only has 16 buddies on his site and probably seeking attention anyway he can...Sad...Oh well I left him a message and can only pray this man comes to his senses...Boycott Aruba!!

Anonymous said...

We can arubanboycott him as a journalist terrorist. As a individual, we are pressured by the Joran Aruba death sex terrorism culture, and I simply not buy and boycott his products. I will not read the books he published, and I will not buy the newspaper that he submitted his news piece to. We continue to love and support our guardian angel Natalee. Joran Aruba makes me angry, so is this particular news jerk. For the freedom of speech, I will shredder his newsprint into the mesh for my cats' litter box. Like Joran Aruba, he is a piece of shit, like the paki liquid terrorist bombers.

Anonymous said...

This Sex ton pervert is like Joran holding onto his paid blonde prostitute paid by Aruba ATA. Jerks like Sex ton and Joran are sour fruits of evil parents from the past and present. ArubanBoycott grassroots movement is the only way to bring down Aruba, and seek justice for Natalee. More cruise ships are avoiding the voyage to Aruba because their customers don't want Aruba on their iternery. People get suspicious when there is an "Aruba Inside" lable with your name on it. Many recruters put a filter of "Aruba" to screen out bad candidates. Aruba is a bad evil word in American market. Aruba means prostitution, corruptions, and murders.

Anonymous said...

People at airports hated Joran so much because Joran was the one person who inspired the liquid terrorist plot. Joran put the GHB powder into the 151 rum drink and said this was paid for his dad Paulus. He and his blonde maid were in big purple prison stripe towels. It was so obvious Joran was the whole world to see his liquid sex bomb plot, how rotten and smartasshole he is. Not for long, now Aruba's tourists are drying up, and they stop coming. The high gas prices and unemployment pressures are forcing the New Yorkers and Bostoners to forget about Aruba. They blamed the NYC judge for making the blunders of letting Joran goes free. Now New York has this Liquid Joran Sex Bomb problem. The National Enquirer has some premium stories on Joran's paid sex blond maid on the next coming issue. Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

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dennisintn said...

after reading this guys list of accomplishments in the writing field, i decided he's not worth responding to. probably no more than l2 readers have ever heard of him outside his immediate family. maybe, while writing his next big deal on irritable bowel syndrome, he'll get lost on the grand tour of someone's colon.

Anonymous said...

what kind of Cristian is he? What kind Cristian paper would allow an article like that? putting down a young girl who is missing and to put more value on their own journalist. What makes her any better than Natalee. Each one of them is very important. This man is horrible

Anonymous said...

After listening to Grace and Beth's interview last night, we are clear that the NYC judge made a complete ahole wrong judgement in throwing out the Civil Case against Joran. Now millions of American girl tourists are in danger of being attacked by the Joran copycat sex murderers. This unwise lazy judge needs to be disqualified from the court from hurting more American victims. This is the election year, let's vote her out someway. Boycott Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Say so this particular judge was a "judge-in-training" in New Jersey as Paulus in Aruba. She inched her way up as a paralegal court transcriptist very close to the old judges. She was replacing a terminal ill judge and finally filled the slot. She does not have a full law degree, not her major. You can Yahoo the NYC Bar Depository website and find out. She can be ousted since she is not yet tenured based on the state laws.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I actually agree with the guy's article. Natalee Holloway was THE news story, and the tale of that women (sorry, I don't even know her name, that's how little it's been mentioned) was a non-item until just before her release. As a matter of fact, because I had heard nothing of her for a long time, I had thought she must have been killed, aand I was surprised to learn she was still alive and about to be released.
The author doesn't appear to be blaming Natalee, he's blamig the media who stuck with the 'better' story. I don't see tons of blogs to save that woman, nor do I see boycott bahgdad blogs. The story the media hyped was Natalee, for whatever reason.
I'm willing to bet, this comment won't be published, but I tried.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Meri said...

I'Il reply to Anon who never heard of Jill Carroll....on Google alone there are 64 pages covering her situation and they are mostly quotes from various media sources like CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc.

If you managed not to hear about her than you were living under a rock or don't own a television set.

Natalee Holloway NEVER detracted from the coverage of Jill Carroll and that story was covered completely and thoroughly.

Just Google her name and you will see what ONLY you managed to miss.

I would NEVER compare one story to the other and neither should anyone else. Natalee's life is just as important as anyone else's. At least Jill had an ENTIRE government behind her and she was rescued and is fine.

Natalee is NOT. Accept for those of us who continue to keep her name in the public eye...she has been completely abandoned by those in authority...EVERYWHERE.


Benieli said...

He's got the prevailing attitude in this country, especially where I live. I think it was pretty much spot on. I disagree with some of it but I think it paints a pretty accurate picture.

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all I hope Sexton has a day job. The article isn't even well written.

But how shallow and sniveling to suggest that one American's kidnapping in the hands of Middle East terrorists was somehow more important than another American's kidnapping - particularly since this kidnapping concerned a child.

Let's further examine Sexton's tirvial and inept remark concerning Natalee's good looks.
Shallow people like Sexton don't see beyond their trumped up self bloated image. No wonder this miniscule little man lacked the ability or perhaps the intelligence to do an analysis that perhaps included some in-depth analysis of just exactly what occured in the heavy battery, rape, kidnapping and murder of Natalee Holloway.

Not to worry Meri. This two bit half baked story maker is lacking in anything that would cause him to rise in the public's mind, no less become anything remotely considered as a serious writer.

The emptiness of his words are reflected in his 2 out of 10 rating.

We'll see about what prevails concerning American senitments about this child, as more American mothers and daughters, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, aunts, uncles, fathers and brothers, friends and relatives all learn what kind of men are creeping across the island of Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Which Country is that Bieneli, Aruba. Do tell so we can add it to our list of worthless countries not worth the powder to blow them from the face of the earth.

In other words countries we can add to our Boycott List.