August 04, 2006


Looks like the Aruban Boycott is catching on nationally. It is featured on this boycott website. Scroll towards mid-bottom.

WARNING! Aruba is an Unsafe travel destination for you and your family to visit! The Dutch Police and Courts in Aruba are biased and ignore crimes perpetrated by their own citizens. Aruba is Dutch and their laws are different than ours! You have NO Legal Recourse in Aruba if you or your family members become victims of crime! Plan your Vacations and Holidays in countries that have respectable legal systems and care enough about you as their guests to protect you, your families and your friends!

Remember & Pray for

One Of Ours Is Missing!

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Anonymous said...

Boycott is the only way to clean up Aruba's corruptions and coverup of crimes. Aruba is a very spooky dangerous island to run into. The Dutch police will let Joran drug you, kidnap you, rape you and murder you. The daughter of the NYC judge didn't want to fly there, somebody in Aruba Internet cafe gave her a free airline ticket. She knows of the danger, you should too.