September 22, 2006


Aruba, your corruption, lies and cover-ups will haunt you for many years to come. No one wants to be associated or compared with you in the tourism industry.

Read this article regarding Anna Nicole Smith's son's death in the Bahamas. They obviously CARE about getting this taken care of.

"The fact of the matter is, the investigation surrounding this thing must be thoroughly done, it must be seen to be thoroughly investigated in any event," he said. "You have to follow everything."

Fears of missteps in the investigation have led some to worry about the islands' image overseas, and led to comparisons with the much-criticized investigation into the disappearance of American teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Authorities there have arrested nine people in her disappearance and released all of them for lack of evidence. "We are all aware of what happened in Aruba," Michael Scott, a Bahamian attorney for Smith, said Thursday. "We don't want that to happen in this jurisdiction."


Anonymous said...

Bahamas is British in heritage while Aruba is Dutch. That makes a big difference. The British is Anti-Nazi when the Dutch was Pro-Nazi before and after the WW2. The skinheads of neoNazi are breeding from Hague. Germany is extremely worried about that Nazi Muslims from Holland will invade their homeland. The security between the borders of Holland and Germany is very intense. Same thing happens in the Caribbean islands, not other island governments want to have anything to do with Aruba's Joran Scandal. Bahamas government is the one, they don't like Aruba, and will distance by all means from Aruba to protect their good name. Bahamas is not Dutch, and they don't cover up murders crimes to protect their own elite like the Arubans did.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those statements. Are you getting it yet Aruba

dennisintn said...

notice the difference in what the bahamian statement says and compare it to aruba's statements..

bahamas: the investigation must be thoroughly done, and be seen as thoroughly done. you have to follow everything.

aruba: the perception must be that everything is being done and has been done.

Anonymous said...

Dompig is shameless to say he had a solution, or somebody else has one, and not him. He is a dirty police pig. Listen, boycotting Aruba means not spending on Aruba until the American people know where Natalee is. You have just got on the nerve of the American people. They going to vote you down Aruba in every meaningul way, no loans, no credits and no exports. We don't owe you anything. When you don't treat our American daughter Natalee right, you don't have the tourism industries from us. Just remember all those nice hotel buildings that you have, they were financed through our American Mutual Funds. We have been generating good jobs for you Aruban guys, and you don't appreciate us a bit. And that is what this Aruban Boycott is all about. Be sure you will hear more bad news from our American politicians.

Deb357 said...

Statement #4...

You said it like it is, clear as day and right on the money.